Real Genius Cast: An Appreciation Of The Cast And Their Performances

The 1980s comedy classic “Real Genius” has won the hearts of countless moviegoers over the years. Young geniuses are recruited by a prestigious university to work on a top-secret project.

The cast of “Real Genius” consists of some of the most talented and memorable actors of the era, each of whom brings their own unique abilities to the screen. In This post, we gonna talk about the amazing Real Genius Cast. 


Real Genius Cast Details

The up-and-coming stars complete the cast as supporting actors. who, thanks to their formidable acting abilities and unmistakable screen presence, are certain to leave an impression that won’t be easily forgotten. Below you will find a complete list of stars who have worked in the movie Real Genius.

  • Chris Knight, played by Val Kilmer: is the charismatic and witty protagonist who is also the brightest of the group. At the time of filming, Kilmer was a relative newcomer to Hollywood, but he had already demonstrated his potential as a leading man. His chemistry with the rest of the cast is one of the highlights of the film, and his performance as Chris Knight is a perfect blend of humor and intelligence.
  • Young genius Mitch Taylor: portrayed by Gabriel Jarret, plays the straight man to Kilmer’s antics as the newest member of the team. He skillfully portrays the character’s intelligence and naiveté. Jarret’s performance is understated but effective.
  • Professor Jerry Hathaway: head of the university’s secret project, is portrayed by William Atherton as a villain. Atherton is outstanding in the role, imbuing the character with menace while also injecting humor into his performance.
  • Jon Gries gives a memorable performance as Lazlo Hollyfeld: a former student who now resides in the university’s steam tunnels. The supporting cast is also of the highest caliber. Jordan Cochran, portrayed by Michelle Meyrink, is a quirky and endearing genius who provides some of the film’s most memorable moments.

However, the true genius of the cast of “Real Genius” lies in their ability to work as a unit. The actors have palpable chemistry, and their interactions are both believable and entertaining. The film demonstrates the effectiveness of collaboration, both on and off-screen.

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What’s The Movie Real Genius About?

“Real Genius” is a classic 1980s comedy film about a group of young geniuses recruited to work on a secret project by a prestigious university.

The team, led by the charismatic and witty Chris Knight (Val Kilmer), must navigate the challenges of academia while also contending with a villainous professor (William Atherton) and his evil schemes. The film is a hilarious and heartwarming ode to the importance of collaboration and pursuing one’s passions. Let’s see what storyline the movie Real Genius follows.

 Real Genius Movie Storyline

Chris Knight (Val Kilmer), a charming and brilliant young man, is recruited by a prestigious university to work on a top-secret project in “Real Genius.” Chris and his team of fellow geniuses, which includes the naive but talented Mitch Taylor (Gabriel Jarret), attempt to solve a seemingly insurmountable technological problem.

Real Genius Cast
Real Genius Cast

The team must navigate the challenges of academic life, including Jerry Hathaway, their demanding professor, as they work on the project (William Atherton). Eventually, Hathaway’s true intentions are revealed, and the team realizes that their project may have more sinister repercussions than they initially believed.

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Chris and his team unite to foil Hathaway’s plot and save the day, as they are determined to set things right. Along the way, they meet a cast of eccentric and lovable characters, including Lazlo Hollyfeld (Jon Gries), a former student who now resides in the university’s steam tunnels, and Jordan Cochran (Michelle Meyrink), a brilliant but eccentric genius.

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As the team races against the clock to complete their project, they learn the importance of teamwork and pursuing their passions, regardless of how difficult or daunting the task may appear.

In the end, they emerge victorious, having saved the day and proving that true genius involves more than just intelligence; it also involves teamwork, creativity, and perseverance. We used various sources to collect information for writing this article including

In conclusion: the cast of “Real Genius” is comprised of talented and memorable actors who brought their A-game to this classic comedy film. Their performances have endured the test of time, and the film remains a beloved genre classic. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already; you won’t regret it.

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