Taylor Swift Defies Curfew At Levi Stadium Again During Second Santa Clara Concert

As tens of thousands of Swifties made their way to Levi’s Stadium, it was glitter, fur, fringe, and a lot of pink. “I have been a Swiftie since I was about 4 years old. I have always wanted to come to one of her shows. So it’s a really big dream come true,” says Eva Zalamea, a 14-year-old from Santa Rosa.

“She’s like a huge part of my life.” I’ve been paying attention to her since I was a child. “She’s just a really amazing role for me,” Amaani Siddiqui, 12, of San Jose, says.

Taylor Swift drew another sold-out audience to her second and last Bay Area engagement on Saturday night. She took the stage at 8 p.m., presenting a mix of more than 40 songs over the course of a 3.5-hour performance.

There is no “Bad Blood,” but not everyone made it into the show, which for many Swifties was a touch “Delicate.” They crowded the streets surrounding the stadium, attempting to “Shake It Off.”

“This is like maybe even more fun, because we get to be with everybody else,” says 13-year-old Kennedy Knapp, who danced in the cordoned off streets with a small group of friends.

Taylor Swift Santa Clara

Trading friendship bracelets has become symbolic of Swift’s The Eras tour, with classic designs and clothing representing different looks from her albums and music videos.

“You make a bunch of bracelets and then you just go around seeing if you want to trade with people. At the end of the night, you can see all the memories you made with many random strangers,” says Chris Cordova-Ramirez, who lives in Pleasant Hill. “I love it.”

The tour has received rave reviews. And it has had a significant impact on the local economy. According to economists, this concert produced more than $4 billion in expenditure across the United States. According to some estimates, the average ticket holder will spend around $1,300.

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“Right now, we are probably close to $2,000. In total, with the hotel, everything,” explains Dennis Zalamea, Santa Rosa resident, who came with his daughter.

Swifties are proving that Swift is more than simply a musical phenomenon. “I can relate to all of her lyrics.” Even if I don’t understand them, I enjoy listening to them. And there’s always the music. You can be in a fun Taylor mood or a quiet Taylor mood. Taylor is both sad and happy. “You’ve got it all,” says East Bay resident Sophie Wampler.

The tour’s North American leg concludes next week in Los Angeles. The Eras tour is predicted to be the most profitable concert ever. Stay tuned to Daily Real Time for more updates.

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