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The songs “Acicálame,” “Bfalo,” and “Ultravioleta” were taken from her debut album, Correspondencia, which was released in 2016. As an actress, she has appeared in critically acclaimed films such as The Burning Plain (2007), Pink Magnolia (2015), and Narcos: México (2018) on Netflix’s original series.


Before Fame

When she was 9 years old, she made her television debut on the soap opera Rebelde.


Her performance in the 2012 indie drama Después de Lucía earned her Best Actress nominations at the Ariel Awards and Young Artist Awards.

tessa ía
tessa ía

The Role of Women in the Family

She comes from a showbusiness family, including mother Nailea Norvind, sister Naian Gonzalez Norvind, and her half-sister Camila Sodi.

Connected to

In the drama The Burning Plain, she paired up with Charlize Theron as a co-star.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tessa Ia

Even though she comes from a well-known family in the entertainment industry, Tessa Ia has no reliance on her ancestry. This is her career now, and she can’t wait to show the world what else she’s capable of. Tessa was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her role in the Mexican film After Lucia. Although most of her work has been in Mexican productions, she was introduced to American viewers through her role in the Netflix series, Narcos: Mexico. Fans in the United States have grown fond of her since she appeared in the Netflix series Unstoppable. Here are ten surprising facts about Tessa Ia that you probably didn’t know.

1. She’s A Third Generation Actress

Tessa Ia’s ancestry could be traced back to the world of acting. She is a member of the Norwegian-Mexican Norvind family. Her grandmother was a well-known actress, director, and writer, Eva Norvind. Tessa’s mother is a telenovela star, Nailea Norvind. Her sister, Naian Gonzalez Norvind as an actress as well. It’s not just her mother’s side of the family; her father’s half-sister Camila Sodi also works in show business.

2. She Is A Music Composer

Tessa Ia enjoys performing and composing original music. In an interview with Milenio, she talked about her musical journey. When she started composing music she had no intentions of sharing it with the outside world. However, when she turned 19 she decided to create music to share with the world. Correspondencia was her debut album, released in 2016. Her music videos can be found on her YouTube channel.

3. Her Music Is Inspired By Personal Experiences

While some musicians like to write about the lives of the people around them and others prefer to write songs straight from their imagination, Tessa Ia takes a more personal approach. She says that all of her music is inspired by her own experiences. Occasionally, she will mix in elements of mysticism.

4. She Likes To Play Characters She Can Connect With

As an actress, deciding what roles to take is very important. Tessa approaches her decision in a very simple way. When asked how she knows when a role is right for her, she told Milenio, “I am looking for the character to call me, it can be something super small, like a detail that I read and identify with it, whether in the past, present or future. It’s so unpredictable, it’s as if they’re speaking directly to you. When I feel that I say yes.”

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5. She’s Lived In Bogata

Tessa Ia was born in Mexico City, but thanks to her career she’s been able to travel to lots of other places. In 2019, she was living in Bogata, Colombia while filming the comedy/drama series, De Brutus nada. In the show, Tessa plays the main character, Cristina Oveido.

6. Her Mom Taught Her Everything She Knows

Having a successful actress as a mother means there’s no shortage of free advice. Tessa Ia has relied on her mother’s expertise throughout her career. She credits her mother as her most important teacher. Tessa also attributes her early exposure to television and movies to her mother.

7. She Loves To Read

When Tessa isn’t busy on set or rehearsing for an upcoming role, she loves to relax and enjoy her free time. Reading is one of her favorite things to do and says that she loves to “devour” books. In addition to reading, Tessa also loves to write, paint, visit museums, and go to the theatre.

8. She Likes To Follow Her Path

Tessa Ia insists that her decision to pursue acting as a career was entirely her own, even though it appears inevitable. She prefers to follow her path and isn’t concerned about what others think of her appearance or who she is. The likelihood is that she got this quality from her mother.

9. An Ariana Grande Song Was Her Guilty Pleasure

The songs that we’d rather not admit to liking, but can’t stop singing, are universal. “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande is one of those songs for Tessa Ia. Tessa is the first to admit that she couldn’t stop listening to that song while driving.

10. She’s A RuPaul Fan

‘Realty competition shows,’ like the one Tessa watches, are irresistible to her, as they are to most of us. Tessa is a huge fan of RuPaul and his show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as a fan of RuPaul himself. Mama Ru is the nickname given to the star by Tessa.

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