In the Land of Leadale Season 2

As far as I can tell, the isekai genre is here to stay. The anime “In the Land of Leadale” proved that new series can delight fans every year. Readers of light novels and manga were ecstatic to learn that an anime adaptation was on the way: their favorite characters come to life and adventures in the game world are rendered in the brightest hues. Season 2 has yet to be officially announced.

Genre — fantasy.
Season 1 premiered on January 5, 2022 (12 episodes).
Original anime title: “Leadale no Daichi nite”.


“In the Land of Leadale ss 2”: release date, announcement

It’s hard to call “In the Land of Leadale” the year’s most anticipated anime, but it still managed to attract a sizable number of fans of the isekai genre. In the game world, a sweet and very capable main character embarked on an adventure that was enjoyable to watch once and not return to watch again.

The Land Of Leadale Season 2
The Land Of Leadale Season 2

There’s no word yet on whether or not “In the Land of Leadale” will be given a sequel. The director can theoretically return to his work, creating new episodes in the same bright, colourful, and casual style that he used to produce the original manga. But is it going to happen? Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do but wait and see if our favourite characters show up soon.


A long time ago, the seven kingdoms were at war with one another all of the time. However, according to legend, God grew tired of looking at it all and descended to Earth, where he appointed only three rulers. Everything has continued as usual ever since and hasn’t altered in 60 years.

‘In the Land of Leadale’ was a favourite of the main character. She lived a happy life as a daughter and a young woman up until the day of the tragedy. Cayna’s parents died, and she developed a disability as a result. As a result of the city’s sudden loss of electricity, the girl was rendered immobile and permanently chained to her bed. Cayna’s body was dissolved, but her mind was transported to a new realm.

In an unknown room, the girl awoke with full use of her body. Her name in the game is Keina Kagami, and Cayna figured it out quickly. After more than two centuries, the new world has begun to feel like home. She sets off on a long journey, having gathered her thoughts first.

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Main characters

Keina Kagami — was happy until the day when the tragedy occurred, after which she could not move independently; died when the hospital went out of power and the machine supporting her breathing went out; after waking up, she turned out to be an elf in her favourite game; now she lives in this world, where she owns magic that can destroy any enemy.

Skargo — elf, eldest son of Keina, adopted by her in the game world; owns healing magic; very popular in his Kingdom; adores his mother even though he constantly receives reprimands from her.

Mai-Mai — Keina’s eldest daughter, her second child in the game world; a sorceress under the Kingdom in the past, in the present — the director of the Academy; lived for a short time with her first husband, from whom she gave birth to twins; now married to a baron.

Interesting Facts

Shsetsuka ni Naro released the original series of novels “In Land of Leadale” for the first time in November 2010. The final issue was delivered to readers in December 2012. In January 2019, this story was published in print as a light novel. The 8th volume was released in January 2022. In March 2020, the first volume of the manga adaptation was released, and in January 2022, the fourth.
Takeyuki Yanase, a veteran director of numerous anime series, directed the show. As a tribute to her daughter, “If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord.”

In the Land of Leadale Season 2: release date

Number Series title Release date
2×01 Series 1 not announced
2×02 Series 2 not announced
2×03 Series 3 not announced
2×04 Series 4 not announced
2×05 Series 5 not announced
2×06 Series 6 not announced
2×07 Series 7 not announced
2×08 Series 8 not announced
2×09 Series 9 not announced
2×10 Series 10 not announced

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