Michael Bay Opens Up About His Time With Transformers Rise Of The Beasts And Franchise

Michael Bay, known for his blockbuster action movies, has had an interesting relationship with the Transformers franchise. In a recent interview with Empire, he shared his thoughts about his time with the franchise and how he believes the second film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, was a “crap” movie due to the writers’ strike that impacted the creative process. Let’s take a closer look at Bay’s journey with the Transformers franchise. So Let’s take a look at Michael Bay’s views of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts and the whole Transformers franchise.


Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts – Bay As A Producer

Although Bay is not directing the upcoming movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, he is attached to the project as a producer. With a new story to be told by familiar and fresh faces, Michael Bay and the rest of the folks behind the billion-dollar-making movies are lucky that the fandom was willing to forgive the blunders of Transformers 2 and tune in for the next installments.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts release date: After a number of years of postponement, the film Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is finally scheduled to open in theaters on June 9, 2023. That is almost an entire year after the date that was initially planned for its release, which was the 24th of June 2022. Already in the works are two sequels that will come after this one.

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Transformers: Age Of Extinction And The Last Knight – The Final Films: Bay went on to direct Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight, which had a different cast than the first three movies. However, he was still able to enlist top-tier talent to keep the stories going. Bay passed on the baton to Travis Knight in 2018, who directed Bumblebee, a prequel-turned-reboot of the franchise.

Transformers Rise Of The Beasts
Transformers Rise Of The Beasts

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – Rushed Creative Process

Bay remembers how the writers’ strike was coming fast and hard, and the script for the second Transformers movie was pieced together in only three weeks. Although the movie made a lot of money at the box office, it received negative reviews from critics and fans alike. Bay blames the rushed creative process for this, citing that the second movie was not up to the standard of the first one.

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Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – A Comeback Story: Bay came back with a bang to give his fans the film they deserved with Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The movie was released in IMAX theaters with an immersive 3D option, which added to the audience’s experience. The movie made over $1.12 billion at the box office, making it a massive success and a great comeback for Bay after the debacle of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Conclusion: Michael Bay’s journey with the Transformers franchise has been a rollercoaster ride, with highs and lows. Although the second movie didn’t live up to the expectations of the first one, Bay bounced back with a blockbuster hit in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. With Bay as a producer for the upcoming movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the franchise is in good hands, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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