Oakland Athletics Schedule

You may not be aware of this, but Cozi can get feeds from other calendars like your work and sports calendars. Find out how to integrate Cozi with your existing calendar system.

To help you keep track of the Major League Baseball season, we’ve made it simple to import the schedule into your Cozi account. Click on the link to import your Cozi Calendar’s game tracking onto this page. The game schedule will be provided, along with any information regarding the postponement or rescheduling of any games.

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Cozi’s Calendar feed management.

Internet Calendar feeds, such as this MLB schedule, can be removed from Cozi at any moment after they have been added. Family > Family Settings > Manage Calendars is where you can see all of your family’s calendar feeds, choose who in the family can view each event, and delete a feed if you no longer want to receive it.

Visit my.cozi.com and log in to your account to manage your Calendar feeds via the web interface provided by Cozi. Next, head to Internet Calendars > Setup.

Oakland Athletics Schedule

Planning Advice from the Cozi Calendar

Premium users of Cozi can use Calendar Search to get a list of events that share common terms. You can easily discover when your team has games coming up by viewing only their schedule. Get 14 days of Cozi Gold without spending a dime.

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