Clive Owen & Amanda Owen: Our Yorkshire Farm Divorce After 22 Years of Marriage

Our Yorkshire farm divorce is shocking and heartbreaking news for all their fans. Take a deep breath and let’s see what are the consequences of their life, and what reason can split them.



Prosopography of our Yorkshire farm’s stars 

On 3 October 1964, in Keresley, Coventry, Clive Owen entered the world but now he is 57. Owen’s father abandoned his family when Owen was only three years, he was also a western and country singer. Owen moved on from the Royal Academic of Dramatic Art (RADA). After graduation, he worked at the Youthful Vic, acting in various Shakespearean dramas. 

In September 1974, Amanda Owen was born, in Huddersfield, the United Kingdom with her parents Joyce Livingstone and Maurice. Her father died when she was just 17.

Life after the marriage of Clive and Amanda


Amanda married Clive Owen in 2000 and after a few years, they gave birth to nine children.

  1. Annas.
  2. Clementine.
  3. Edith.
  4. Miles.
  5. Nancy.
  6. Raven.
  7. Reuben.
  8. Sidney.
  9. Violet.

Together with her husband Clive, Owen resides and operates the rural farm known as Ravenseat Farm in Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales. 

Amanda Owen and Clive Owen’s professional life 

Amanda Owen

Shepherdess, author, and presenter Amanda Owen is well renowned for her work managing a farm in the Yorkshire Dales with her big group. She originally made headlines in 2011 when she appeared often on the Adrian Edmondson documentary series The Dales for ITV with her spouse Clive and 5 oldest children.

Clive Owen

Leading English actor Clive Owen has played several leading roles in movies and on stage. In the summer of 2001, Owen gained notoriety in North America thanks to his role as “The Driver” in the Manufacturer series of short films called The Hire.   He starred in Gosford Park by Robert Altman. The Bourne Identity, a 2002 movie, highlighted him. He worked once more with filmmaker Mike Hodges in the 2003 film I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. He appeared in Beyond Borders and King Arthur, which both required him to acquire horseback riding skills.

He made his Royal National Theatre premiere in Patrick Marber’s popular drama Closer, which was later made into a movie in 2004. In the drama, he represented Dan, and in the movie, Larry. He was awarded an Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his performance as Larry in the movie, as well as for Golden Globe and BAFTA honors and positive reviews. He said, “I strive, every film I do, to be as good as I can and that’s all I can do,” about the expectations placed on him following his Oscar winner.

Initial meet of Clive Owen and Amanda Owen

When Clive and Amanda initially saw in 1995, he was immediately taken aback by Amanda. Amanda was working several jobs to make ends meet while Clive already managed the Ravenseat Farm in North Yorkshire. When Amanda entered the farm for the first time, he was operating it alone following his divorce from his prior wife. At the time, she was 21 years old, while Clive was 42. Clive described the moment he saw the first her during Our Yorkshire Farm, stating, 

“I do remember this six-foot-something woman knocked at the door – I was extremely impressed with her. You were required to be.  It was a considerably slower process for Amanda, who explains:  “It was a slow burn affair. We started to get to know one another. We first established friendships before venturing out briefly as a group. We were actually kind of peas in a pod because we both came from non-farming backgrounds, but we didn’t realize that at the time.

Mr. & Mrs. Owen announce their life splitting

In 2022, after 22 years of marriage, they decided to split their life for the bright future of their children. Long-time viewers of the show might be disappointed by Amanda and Clive’s breakup, but the Ravenseat shepherdess revealed their choice on social media. Clive and I have made the painful decision to divorce, Amanda wrote, and we are sorry to confirm this. Although it hasn’t been simple, we both think this is the best option for our children’s safety.

“Even though we are no more married, we still work jointly on the farm and co-parent our kids, with their happiness and wellbeing being our primary concerns. We appreciate everyone’s kindness and ask that the media maintain our confidentiality while we get through this unauspicious time.

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