Phil Knight Co-founder Of Nike Is One Of The World’s Wealthiest People

Phil Knight’s net worth places him as the world’s 25th richest person. What is his net worth, and how did he make billions over the course of his career? Nike billionaire Phi Knight is a well-known philanthropist in the United States. Knight and his wife, Penny, pledged $400 million in April to help Black residents of Portland’s Albina neighborhood.

Nike was co-founded by Knight, who went on to have a very successful career. What is his net worth after founding and working for one of the world’s most recognizable athletic apparel companies? Continue reading for more information. Nike was co-founded by Phil Knight and his former college track coach, Bill Bowerman. He began by selling athletic shoes from his car at track meets. The billion-dollar company will be the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel by 2023. Knight retains a majority stake in the company.


How Did Phil Knight Come Up With The Idea For Nike?

In 1964, Knight co-founded Nike, then known as Blue Ribbon Sports, with his former college track coach Bill Bowerman. Knight attended the University of Oregon after growing up in the Portland area, where he met Bowerman, his track and field coach. Knight was a middle-distance runner in college and a guinea pig tester of shoes Bowerman designed to help runners speed up their runs.

“He was convinced that shaving an ounce off a pair of shoes for a guy running a mile could make a significant difference.” “Because I wasn’t the best guy on the team, I was the logical one to test the shoes,” Knight told the Standford alumni magazine in 1997.

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Knight served in the Army and Army Reserve after graduating from the University of Oregon and attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Nike’s origins began to percolate in Knight’s mind during his time at Stanford. In one of his classes, he was assigned the task of inventing a new business and developing its purpose and marketing strategy.

Knight wrote a report for a class titled, “Can Japanese Sports Shoes Do to German Sports Shoes What Japanese Cameras Did to German Cameras?” After graduating from Stanford, Knight traveled to Japan and visited the Onitsuka Co. shoe factory, which produced Tiger brand running shoes. He struck a deal with the company to distribute the shoes in the United States.

Phil Knight Co-founder Of Nike
Phil Knight Co-founder Of Nike

Bowerman, Knight’s old track coach, was one of his first customers. But Bowerman desired more than just a few pairs of shoes; he desired a piece of the action. On January 25, 1964, the two formed Blue Ribbon Sports, the forerunner of Nike. Initially, Knight drove his green Plymouth Valiant to track meets throughout the Pacific Northwest, selling athletic shoes to runners. According to Business Insider, the company changed its name to Nike in 1971, after the Greek goddess of victory.

Is Phil Knight still the owner of Nike?

Knight retired from Nike officially in 2016. People reports that he created the limited liability company Swoosh to hold his Nike shares and $13.9 billion of Nike stock. He is still the company’s largest shareholder. Knight is the twenty-fifth wealthiest person in the world, per Forbes. As of 12 May 2023, Knight’s net worth was $46.6 billion.

What Happened To The Son Of Phil Knight?

Knight wed Penny in 1968, and the couple had three children: Travis, Matthew, and Christina. While scuba diving in San Salvador in 2004, Matthew reportedly suffered a heart attack while submerged. He had 34 years of age. “It took me approximately six months to function again,” Knight told USA Today in 2015 regarding Matthew’s passing. “And a parent never gets over it. They ask, “When will you move on?” You never get over it. Ever.”

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