Steve Harvey Spouse: Where Did They Meet For The First Time?

Steve Harvey is a comedian, actor, TV host, radio host, author, and businessman. Born in Welch, West Virginia, on January 17, 1957. Harvey became famous after winning the 1990 “Funniest Man in America” competition. Then he hosted “Showtime at the Apollo” and starred in “The Steve Harvey Show.” Harvey has hosted “Family Feud” since 2010, becoming a fan favorite. He also hosted “Steve Harvey,” “Little Big Shots,” and “Celebrity Family Feud.” Harvey wrote several books, including “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man,” which was made into a movie. He hosts “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” since 2000.

Steve Harvey’s success is due to his hard work. He has multiple Daytime Emmys and is a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Harvey’s philanthropy is focused on education and homelessness. So, who exactly is Steve Harvey’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about Steve Harvey’s spouse.


Who Is Steve Harvey’s Spouse?

Marjorie Harvey was the woman Steve Harvey was meant to marry. The couple met in a comedy club in 1990 and briefly dated, but the timing wasn’t right. Steve and Marjorie reconnected years later and married in 2007. Their marriage resulted in the merging of their respective families, which included a total of seven children. Although the Family Feud host has been married twice before, his relationship with Marjorie is unlike anything he’s ever known.

During their decade-long relationship, the couple has always had each other’s back, shared many sweet moments, and even become grandparents.

Steve Harvey expressed his love for his wife through a Tweet. You can see the Tweet below.

When Did They First Meet?

Marjorie Bridges and comedian Steve Harvey attend the first night of the Bermuda Music Festival at Southampton Beach Club on October 3, 2007, in Southampton, Bermuda. Marjorie and Steve first met at a Memphis comedy club. They married in 2007. The Steve Harvey Show discussed their 2018 first meeting. I was late and thought he would give me the business because he was quiet. He stared. Marjorie told the audience she expected to be on the show. He finally realized, “Oh, I gotta say something. Oh, I’m sorry.”I’m marrying her without knowing who she is.”

Despite their instant connection, they broke up after weeks. After dating, I knew he was The One, but he left. “Disappeared,” Marjorie told Essence. He saw Marjorie in 2005. Steve divorced Mary Shackelford after The Steve Harvey Show.

Steve’s Bodyguard Is Responsible For Their Reunion.

Their reunion can be attributed to Steve’s bodyguard, who played a critical role in reuniting them. When Steve found himself single again in 2005, his astute bodyguard suggested reuniting with Marjorie. In a 2016 interview with PEOPLE, Steve reflected on this pivotal moment, saying, “He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie.” I’m calling her now, before you do something stupid and marry another woman.

Steve Harvey Spouse
Steve Harvey Spouse

” Steve’s recollection emphasizes the bodyguard’s genuine concern and understanding of Marjorie’s profound impact on his happiness. Accepting their second chance, Steve compared the experience to a rebirth, admitting his mistakes while emphasizing Marjorie’s transformative presence.

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MarjorieIs The “Mom” Of A Large Blended Family

Marjorie is “mom” to Steve Harvey’s large blended family. Seven children from diverse backgrounds form a harmonious family. Marcia Harvey, Steve’s first wife, had twin daughters Brandi and Karli, and a son Broderick. Steve and Shackelford also have a son, Wynton. Marjorie has Morgan, Jason, and Lori from a previous marriage. In 2007, Steve legally adopted Marjorie’s children.

Steve Harvey Spouse
Steve Harvey Spouse

Marjorie reassured their children about blending their families. She discussed blended families with PEOPLE in 2016. She understood that blended families are broken, but she believed their union was right. Marjorie told the kids they were included and could see their parents. She advised them not to let their past limit their future. Marjorie and Steve have become loving parents to all of their children, becoming “Mom and Dad” for the blended family.

Marjorie Is A Grandparent

Marjorie and Steve enjoy their seven grandchildren, adding to their happy family life. Steve revealed Marjorie’s love for this role on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Steve joked, “Not at all.” The comedian joked about his eagerness for an empty nest after his children left home. He joked that his children now bring their growing families. Steve’s humorous remarks show the changing dynamics and abundant love in their growing family and the joy and humor of being grandparents.

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