How To Watch Netflix For Free: Is It Possible?

Netflix has become a household name when it comes to streaming entertainment, offering a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content. While Netflix is a paid service, there are ways to enjoy its content for free, legally and ethically. In this article, we’ll delve into some legitimate options for watching Netflix for free, without resorting to piracy or unauthorized methods.


How to Watch Netflix For Free: Is It Possible?

Until recently, Netflix had a 30-day free trial offer, which allowed new subscribers to watch unlimited content for free. It also had a “watch free” option, which let non-subscribers watch the first episodes of select TV shows such as Stranger Things, Love is Blind and Our Planet for free.

Netflix offered free-to-watch options to attract new users, hoping the great experience would persuade them to upgrade to one of the paid plans. However, some “new” subscribers were abusing the system — getting free trials, canceling and then using a different email address to start up again — which didn’t bode well for Netflix’s marketing strategy.

The Netflix Free Trial Has Come to an End

As a result, Netflix will phase away the free trial in the United States in October 2020, before removing the watch-free option from its website months later. The same has happened to subscribers in the United Kingdom and other countries where these deals were available.

How to Get Free Netflix?

Despite the fact that this reduced your watch-free alternatives, you could still access Netflix for free. However, your alternatives are limited by your nation of residence. Here’s how to obtain free Netflix.

How To Watch Netflix For Free

Option 1: Free Trials

One of the most straightforward ways to enjoy Netflix content for free is by taking advantage of its free trial offer. Netflix periodically offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, allowing them to explore the platform’s offerings without any cost. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Netflix website.
  2. Click on the “Start Your Free Month” button.
  3. Choose a plan that suits your preferences.
  4. Create a Netflix account by providing the required information.
  5. Add payment details (credit/debit card or PayPal) to activate the trial.

Remember, you can cancel your subscription before the trial period ends to avoid being charged. While this option is temporary, it provides a legitimate opportunity to binge-watch your favorite shows and movies without paying.

Option 2: Sharing Accounts

Netflix offers various subscription plans that allow multiple devices to stream simultaneously. Sharing an account with family members or close friends can significantly reduce individual costs. Netflix’s plans generally range from one to four screens, meaning you can split the subscription cost among several people. However, make sure to follow Netflix’s terms of use regarding sharing accounts to avoid any issues.

Option 3: Mobile Plans

Netflix also provides mobile-specific plans at a reduced cost, making it more affordable for viewers who primarily watch content on smartphones or tablets. These plans offer a limited viewing experience on smaller screens but can be a cost-effective option if you’re looking to watch on a mobile device.

Option 4: Watch Free Episodes and Films

Netflix occasionally offers a selection of its content for free, even to non-subscribers. This option is especially useful if you’re interested in a specific show or movie rather than the entire catalog. To access this content, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the “Watch Free” section on the Netflix website.
  2. Browse the available titles and select the one you’d like to watch.
  3. Start streaming without the need for an account or subscription.

While the selection may be limited, this option allows you to explore a taste of Netflix’s original series and popular movies without committing to a paid subscription.

How To Watch Netflix For Free

Option 5: Partner Offers

Netflix often collaborates with various companies to provide special offers to their customers. Some telecommunications providers, internet service providers, or credit card companies offer Netflix subscriptions as part of their packages. Keep an eye out for such promotions, especially when you’re considering signing up for a new service.

Option 6: Educational Institutions and Libraries

Some educational institutions and public libraries offer free access to streaming services like Netflix to their students or patrons. This can be an excellent way to enjoy Netflix content legally while also taking advantage of the resources offered by these institutions.

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Option 7: Netflix Originals on YouTube

Netflix occasionally releases trailers, clips, and even full episodes of their original content on their official YouTube channel. While this might not provide access to the entire library, it offers a legitimate way to enjoy some of Netflix’s most popular shows and movies for free.

Conclusion: While Netflix primarily operates as a paid subscription service, there are several legitimate options to enjoy its content without breaking the bank. Utilizing free trials, sharing accounts, exploring mobile plans, and taking advantage of partner offers can all help you access Netflix’s vast library of entertainment without resorting to piracy or unauthorized methods. Remember to stay within the boundaries of Netflix’s terms of use and take advantage of these legitimate avenues for a cost-effective streaming experience.

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