Pikmin 4: How To Find The Last Treasure in Sightless Passage?

Pikmin 4 invites you to go on an action-packed adventure as you make your way through the tricky Sightless Passage. The Heat Sensor, the final undiscovered object, is waiting there. This walkthrough will get you there. Your job as a member of the Rescue Corps is to save Captain Olimar and rescue your fellow soldiers.

You’ll come across fiery foes along the route, but don’t worry—with Red Pikmin’s assistance, you can defeat them. Find the treasure by following the step-by-step directions as you navigate the complex labyrinth of passages. Enjoy this real-time strategy game’s intriguing level design, gorgeous graphics, and fun gameplay…


What are Sightless Passage Treasures?

In Pikmin 4, the Heat Sensor is a secretly-stored treasure that can be found in the Sightless Passage. Your job as a member of the Rescue Corps is to find this prize and save your fellow soldiers. Find the Heat Sensor by navigating the complex network of passages in the cavern’s northwest section.

However, before you can claim the wealth, you must first overcome the difficult task of disposing of the flaming adversaries, the fire snails. To defeat these adversaries and open the way for your adventure, use the strengths of your Red Pikmin. When found, the Sense of Heat prize delivers a sense of accomplishment in addition to adding depth to the gameplay.

How Do You Get to the Sightless Passage in Pikmin 4?

In Pikmin 4, go through a tangle of passages to the northwest of the map to find the Sightless Passage. It’s important to note that you won’t need any unique Pikmin for this location. Having yellow and red Pikmin, however, can help you overcome the creatures that can be located inside the cavern.

Pikmin 4 Treasure
Pikmin 4 Treasure

Use your Red Pikmin’s resilience to fire to annihilate the fire snails while being cautious of them. Oatchi is prone to catching fire, so keep it out of harm’s path. You will discover a small burned patch of ground that is broadcasting a signal to your Treasure Tracker once you have eliminated the snails from the area.

You can instruct your Pikmin and Oatchi to begin excavating there, and you’ll eventually find the final treasure—a huge thermometer known as the Heat Sensor. As you go through this amazing game, savor the excitement of exploration and strategy.

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How to Find the Last Hidden Treasure in Sightless Passage?

Exploration and planning are necessary to find the final buried treasure in Pikmin 4’s Sightless Passage. The northwest area of the cavern is where the treasure, a Heat Sensor, is cunningly hidden.

First, use the fire-resistant Red Pikmin to defeat the two fire snails blocking your path. After you’ve cleaned up the area, pay attention to the signal on your Treasure Tracker, which will direct you to the exact spot where the treasure resides.

Once your Pikmin begins digging in the designated location, they will soon discover the Heat Sensor, completing your collection of Sightless Passage treasures. As you continue your intriguing trip through the game, keep a look out for further hidden riches.

According to Nintendo of America Pikmin 4 is released:

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