This is Why Your Smart Bulb is Blinking

Due to the fact that LED lights have longer lifespans than conventional light bulbs, smart bulbs are becoming more popular. Even though smart bulbs are a relatively recent invention, they occasionally have blinking problems.

There are two basic causes of smart bulbs blinking: the smart bulb may be broken, or there may be a problem with the fixture housing the light or another part of your home. Continue reading to find out how you, the consumer, may easily fix smart bulb blinking problems. I’ll also talk about potential problems with smart bulbs that could not even be related to the bulbs themselves.


Your Smart Bulb is Blinking Due to the Bulb Itself

There are several potential factors involving the bulb itself that cause smart bulbs to blink or flash. The smart bulb’s owner’s manual can be used to address the majority of these issues. These potential blinking problems with your smart bulbs can be identified or resolved with the methods described below, even if you threw away the owner’s handbook.

The Bulb is Setting Up or is in Pairing Mode

Your smart bulb has to pair with the current system when it is first installed. Some smart lights can connect to your Wi-Fi, while others can connect to your phone’s Bluetooth. An app on your phone or tablet can be used to make both types of connections. Your smart bulb may flicker to let you know it has been configured and is ready to use. The linked app will then allow you to change the brightness of the bulb’s light.

A Wi-Fi Connection Error is Causing the Blinking

Your smart bulb will flash when first configured while in pairing mode. Once in pairing mode, the smart bulb might keep blinking if the Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent. The smart light will be blinking as it tries to connect to Wi-Fi. A break in the Wi-Fi connection may be the cause of your smart bulb blinking after it has already been linked to the network. Check the app or, if necessary, check your router to find a solution.

Your Smart Bulb Needs to be Reset

Your smart bulb might require a manual reset if the first two alternatives have failed. The smart bulb can be manually reset to its default factory settings. Any settings you currently have in place will be lost as a result. Any previous settings you had, though, can be changed afterwards. The best course of action to resolve this issue will be to consult the owner’s manual as each brand’s procedures can vary. You can fix the majority of these blinking problems by configuring or manually resetting your smart bulb.

Keep a Close Watch on the Wi-Fi Connection

The smart bulb might need to be relocated to a better-connected part of your home or closer to the Wi-Fi if there is a persistent Wi-Fi connection problem. Some smart bulbs could include a hub or connection box that can also connect to your router.

Your Smart Bulb is Blinking Due to an Issue Within Your House

Blinking smart bulbs could also be a result of internal home issues.

smart bulbs flashing
smart bulbs flashing

Blinking smart bulbs may be caused by any form of outdated or broken electrical wiring inside your home.You might be able to fix it yourself for some of these reasons, but you could also need to engage an electrician.

Your Smart Bulb Can Be Blinking Due to a Light Switch or Dimmer Switch

The latest smart bulbs may not function well with conventional light switches. The operation of smart bulbs differs from that of standard bulbs. To turn on or off a standard light bulb, you would flip a switch. The amount of light from smart bulbs can vary based on the settings you have made. As a result, light switches would continue to be in the on position, maintaining electricity to the bulb socket.

Your Smart Bulb Can Be Blinking Due to Faulty Light Sockets

As per your preferences, smart lamps have their own dimming capabilities. A dimmer switch can make a smart bulb blink or flicker when it is linked to one. You can always utilise your smart lights if you leave the light switches and dimmer switches turned on. As an app is used to operate smart bulbs, leaving the switches on will keep the bulbs powered. The smart dimmer switch has a cover that snaps on top and is mounted to your light switch while it is turned on.

And a result, no electricity can ever leave the bulb, as the switch cannot be turned off. The Blinking of Your Smart Bulb Could Be Caused by Faulty Light Sockets Blinking smart lights might be caused by ageing or light sockets that are not receiving enough power.If the light bulb is screwed in too firmly, the portion of the socket that touches the light bulb may be harmed. The interior of the socket can be examined to determine whether this is a contributing factor to the issue by removing the light bulb. If the socket itself is in good condition, the wiring to the socket may be outdated. If the light socket is inside a lamp, it could sometimes be simpler to fix. If the lamp light socket is the problem, this can be resolved by having the socket replaced or by buying a brand-new lamp.

Your Smart Bulb Can Blink When Connected to Your Alexa

If your smart bulb is linked to your Alexa, it can blink.The Assistive Technology Blog provides a fantastic illustration of how to use an Alexa to make your smart bulbs flicker. Although it requires independent setup, using this tool can be enjoyable. You may create an applet at IFTTT to have your smart light or bulbs blink in response to certain Alexa instructions. A Phillips Hue smart lamp blinking anytime an Alexa timer runs off is the example given.

You would go to IFTTT and make a new applet to set this up.

  • Select Alexa as your service of choice.
  • Next, you’ll select a timer-based trigger.
  • A trigger is the choice made for the “If This” portion of the formula, according to IFTTT.
  • Make your choice of a service. A Phillips Hue smart bulb is utilised in the illustration.
  • Choose between lighting or blinking the lights as your action.
  • The applet can be tested when it has been configured.

The smart bulb will begin to blink when the timer begins to sound. Before purchasing a subscription, you can use the free version of IFTTT to test this out.You can make up to three applets using the free version. Additionally, a smartphone app is accessible.

Smart bulb is blinking: Conclusion

Any number of factors, including the smart bulb itself, the light switch, or the socket, might cause smart bulbs to blink. The best course of action is to check the smart bulb itself before attempting to determine what might be wrong. Your smart bulb might need to be reset, which could resolve the problem.

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