Terrell Owens Net Worth: How Rich He Is In 2022?

Wide receiver Terrell Owens played in the NFL for a total of 16 seasons. Owens has been named to the Pro Bowl six times and to the first team of the All-Pro squad five times. He also holds or shares several NFL records.


Terrell Owens Net Worth

Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens has a net worth of $500,000. Terrell Owens was a member of the NFL roster from 1996 until 2010, and then again for a short time in 2012. Terrell made a total of $80 million from endorsements and salary during his career. His years away from the league have not been easy on him personally or financially. In 2011, when Terrell went to court to discuss his child support obligations, he claimed he was completely broke due to high monthly expenses and a lack of income. Read More Jayson Tatum Net Worth

Terrell Owens Career

During the 1996 NFL Draft, Owens was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers. His first professional game was against the New Orleans Saints. For him, 2000 was a banner year of accomplishment. Owens finished the season with 1,451 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.
He had a spectacular game that year, catching 20 passes for 283 yards against the Chicago Bears. The 2001 San Francisco 49ers finished 12-4 thanks in large part to his efforts.

When the San Francisco 49ers started having issues in 2003, head coach Steve Mariucci was let go. Owens left after a disappointing season for the team. In 2007, he set a new record by catching four touchdown passes in a single game, all of which came against the Washington Redskins. His team went 13-3 thanks in large part to his efforts, as he finished the year with 81 receptions, 15 touchdowns, and 1,355 receiving yards.

Allen Wranglers have extended a contract offer to Owens to play for them in the upcoming 2012 season. He was on the field for eight games, contributing 35 receptions for 420 yards. Despite accumulating over $80 million in earnings over the course of his career, Terrell was unable to avoid completely squandering it all due to irresponsible financial management. That’s the fate of many former American professional athletes. May you read also Barack Obama Net Worth

Favorite Quotes from Terrell Owens

“As you get to know me, you kind of figure me out, that I’m not as probably as bad of a guy that I’ve been reported to be. I’m not that jerk.” – Terrell Owens

“Everybody is not going to be squeaky clean. All the guys they are giving these marketing endorsement deals are the ones going out there and getting in trouble. That is what is really puzzling to me. They will take a chance on the so-called “good image guy” and they are the ones that go out there and screw it all up. You have not seen my face go across the screen for any off-the-field problems, period.” – Terrell Owens

“I know the microphones and cameras are on me. They’re looking at my gestures and taking them and running with them because of things that have happened in the past. It’s very unfair.” – Terrell Owens


Terrell Owens Net Worth
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Throughout his NFL career, Terrell Owens was known for getting himself into hot water. Over the years, he became notorious for his extravagant touchdown celebrations, for which he received both praise and criticism. Because of Owens’ “excessive celebration,” his teams received many penalties and fines.

An apparent suicide attempt by Owens was reported to police on September 26, 2006. His publicist reportedly discovered him unresponsive next to an empty bottle of pain relievers, and he was subsequently taken by ambulance to Baylor Medical Center. The police report corroborated Owens’ and his publicist’s claims that he was depressed; however, the publicist later denied the allegations, saying that Owens had actually experienced an allergic reaction. After being released from the hospital, he held a press conference in which he denied having attempted suicide. The Dallas Police Department declared Owens’ death to be an accident after a disagreement between the police chief and Owens’ publicist.

DeAngelo Hall, a cornerback for the Falcons, claimed that Owens spat in his face after a play early in the game on December 16, 2006. Owens admitted and expressed regret, but the NFL still fined him $35,000.

Owens has four kids, with two different women. His ex-wife, Melanie Paige Smith III, filed a child support enforcement action against him in 2011. In 2012, three of Owens’ four alleged child support nonpayment mothers appeared on the Dr. Phil show. For more updates, you can visit on Dailyrealtime.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

In monetary terms, how much is Terrell Owens?

It is speculated that Terrell Owens has a net worth of $500,000 at this time.

Terrell Owens, how old are you?

As of this writing, Terrell Owens is 49 years old (he was born on December 7, 1973).

Does anyone know Terrell Owens height?

Terrell Owens is 1.91 meters tall, or 6 feet 3 inches tall.

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