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Notorious necromancer Johannes Cabal may have stumbled upon a critical piece of information that would help him achieve his lifelong dream of finding a way to stop death forever. The course, however, is unclear and may be dangerous…


Book Details

A necromancer of little renown named Johannes Cabal has recently obtained a key piece of information that could help him achieve his lifelong dream of finding a way to prevent death. However, the road ahead is unclear and even dangerous because it leads him into uncharted territory. The mission is too perilous for him to do on his own, so he must find allies to help him through the upcoming trials.

So, with the help of his vampiric brother, Horst, and the friendly company of a criminologist and a devil, he will explore ruins and diableries, mysteries and murders, the depths of the lowest pit, and a city of horrors. To be more precise, London.

Cabal has put himself in such danger because he is misinformed about the threats he faces. He is about to enter a trap whose intricacies are so obscure that not even the one who lured him there can fully appreciate the danger he is in for. The snare is slowly and silently closing in on them, and none of them may make it out alive.

Book five in Jonathan L. Howard’s famous Johannes Cabal series, The Fall of the House of Cabal.

In The News

Fans of Howard’s wit and macabre humor won’t be let down, and the novel’s unique blend of horror, comedy, fantasy, and drama is among his best work. Cabal is still a fascinating antihero whose complexity has grown with each book, and this book’s resolution of plot lines from the first four Cabal novels is moving and rewarding.” –Publishers Weekly.

The Fall of the Cabal Documentary

That, guys, is worth the price of admission alone: “Howard makes it look easy to represent a soul-stealing, murdering necromancer as a sympathetic character.” Union-Tribune of San Diego Johannes Cabal series, written by Howard, is excellent. Right now, it’d be simple too.

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