The Hamiltons Love Is Blind: Is He And Lauren Planning To Have A Child?

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed were a fan-favorite couple on Season 1 of Love Is Blind in 2020, so where are they now? One need only look at Lauren and Cameron’s Instagram pages to figure this out. When Lauren and Cameron met, Netflix viewers were unfamiliar with the concept of Love Is Blind. The contestant’s speed date in pods without being able to see each other during the first part of the show, which takes up a good chunk of the first five episodes.

It may appear absurd for Love Is Blind couples to form such a deep connection without any physical intimacy, but some were able to experience deep feelings immediately. It’s no surprise that the woman with the surname Speed and the man with the surname of a famous formula race car driver (Lewis Hamilton) would fall in love in record time. Lauren admits to Cameron on the fourth day of speed dating how strong her feelings are. Let’s see the relationship between The Hamiltons on Love Is Blind. 


Cameron Hamiltons And Lauren From Love Is Blind Fall In Love

Lauren said to Cameron, “I think I love you,” and Cameron, who treated the whole thing like it was a religion, replied, “I love you.” He was the first to propose, and Lauren enthusiastically accepted. When the two finally met, they both seemed pleased to see each other. Lauren, the star of Love Is Blind, admitted she had no idea Cameron was white. She had never dated a white man before, but she was more concerned about her parents’ reaction.

However, they became engaged and married within a month of meeting while filming the Netflix reality series in 2018. Hamiltons and Lauren found each other as life partners but what about another couple on the show, have you checked out the couple who are still together even after the show Love Is Blind?

Hamiltons And Lauren’s Relationship Status On Love Is Blind

Lauren and Cameron are one of Love Are Blind’s rare success stories and the only ones who are still together, aside from Amber Pike and Matt Barnett from the first season. Lauren and Cameron will be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary in November 2022, and they are still going strong. Lauren wrote in her anniversary post for her husband, “4 years into forever with you Mr. Hamilton,” and referred to Cameron as “Clyde.”

A Twitter user posted a picture of Hamilton with his love. You can see the Tweet below

Cameron, for his part, tweeted, “I’m grateful for you every day, rain or shine.” “You illuminate this world.” Cameron, a fan favorite from Love Is Blind, continued. “The last four years have been a gift.” I threw away the receipt, so we’ll have to make do.”

Will Lauren And Cameron From Love Is Blind Have A Child?

Lauren admitted in June 2021 that some people pressed her and Cameron into having a baby by asking them questions “every day.” “We’ve talked about wanting to have kids on our own timeline,” she told People. It can be difficult to simply shift the focus back to us rather than what everyone else has to say.” Lauren told ET in February 2022, “We’re actively trying.” So it’s a lot of practice right now,” they say, revealing they’re about to become pregnant.

The Hamiltons Love Is Blind
The Hamiltons Love Is Blind

Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind, who are now podcast hosts and authors, have yet to announce any baby news for 2023. Cameron and Lauren have even considered the topic of the baby which means they have turned deep in their relationship are there any other couples who got married on the show Love is Blind?

Conclusion: In 2020, Love Is Blind viewers fell in love with Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, who got engaged after a month. They recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. They’re trying to conceive on their own time despite pressure from others. Lauren and Cameron’s love story inspires Love Is Blind fans with their successful podcast and writing careers.

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