The Selection Movie Netflix Release Date: When Is The Selection Movie Coming Out On Netflix?

The YA novels are all the rage in today’s times, and because The Selection movie shows most of the potential, it was picked up for a multi-film series. Some time ago, The CW considered a TV show adaptation of The Selection, and two pilots were shot back to back. Each of these had the same cast members and in the second one, some new members were also added. The first pilot included Aimee Teegarden as America, Ethan Peck as Prince Maxon, and William Moseley as Aspen. The second pilot included additions of Yael Grobglas as America, Michael Malarkey as Maxon, and Lucien Laviscount as Aspen. After Keira’s approval, the team will sit together to discuss their next plan of action.

The most important news regarding Netflix’s selection is that Haifaa- Al Mansour is set to direct the dystopian series for Netflix. After a slow start over the last few years, Kiera Cass’ book series The Selection is finally in development at Netflix. This isn’t the first attempt at a dystopian thriller, but it is undoubtedly the most popular.


The Selection Movie Netflix Release Date

According to our sources, The Selection movie will be released on Netflix between the fall of 2022 and the spring of 2023. Fans are still wondering who will be involved in the project and when it will be released. Keira promised a few days ago that she is moving forward with the Netflix script and that things are looking up.

The selection movie is a world of breathless fairy-tale romance, with swoon-worthy characters, and glitter gowns. This movie is perfect for readers who loved Delirium, Divergent, or The Wrath and the Dawn. The selection is the chance of a lifetime for 35 girls, to escape a rigid caste system, live in a palace, and compete with each other for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

Unfortunately, for America Singer, it is a nightmare to get selected, which is turning her back on her secret love with Aspen. She is competing for a crown that she actually doesn’t want. Later, she realizes that the life she dreamed of is not comparable to the future. So what is going to happen then? Fans are very much eager for this movie. The movie is expected to release in 2022.

The Selection Movie Release Date

The Selection Movie: Will The Young Adult Book Be Adapted?

This has been going around for a while and there is nothing new about it, but with the latest news about Wadjda’s Haifaa Al-Mansour directing, fans have been itching to learn more about the multi-film series. She has previously been associated with projects such as Mary Shelley’s Al-Wadjda, the comedy Nappily Ever After, and the upcoming 2020 film The Perfect Candidate.

Kiera Cass, the book’s author, confirmed she was pleased with the Netflix script and how the adaptation turned out in the end. Cass gave the Netflix script her final approval. We quickly moved forward with our plans. Kiera Crass also stated that she enjoys a few aspects of the film. In her most recent post, she wrote, and we quote, “I love this Aspen!” and “I love this Anne!” while teasing The Selection for her fans.

Where Can I Watch The Selection Movie?

Audiences can stream The Selection Movie on Netflix, once it’s released. The official release date is not yet announced. It is expected to release in 2022.

The Selection Movie Cast

The expected cast members of The Selection are:

  • Anthony Head as King Clarkson
  • Louise Lombard as Queen Amberly
  • Michael Malarkey as Prince Maxon
  • Yael Grobglas as American Singer
  • Peta Sergeant as Gaia Woods

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