Tom Brady Plastic Surgery: Has He Undergone Any Cosmetic Procedures?

On and off the field, Tom Brady still defies the passage of time. Although at such an advanced age that most players his age would have retired by now, the 44-year-old quarterback is still among the greatest in the NFL. Brady nevertheless continues to compete and succeed, solidifying his title as the greatest player of all time.

Brady’s success in football keeps him under constant scrutiny, and even the little aspects of his life are overexamined. Some people may question whether Tom Brady has undergone any type of plastic surgery based on seemingly inconsequential changes to his facial features.


Has Tom Brady had Any Plastic surgery?

Brady’s face appears to have undergone a few cosmetic surgeries over the past two decades to give it its youthful appearance. The fact that the quarterback appears so youthful in photographs may be the result of operations, despite the fact that he attributes this to his diet and his TB12 training regimen.

Brady was the result of a Twitter discussion that examined the changes in his appearance since the New England Patriots were his first Super Bowl champions in 2001. The conversation was started by a user with the handle @KosmeticKrys, who describes herself as a “plastic surgery consultant” but makes it clear that she is not a plastic surgeon.

Tom Brady Plastic Surgery
Tom Brady Plastic Surgery

An image comparison of Brady’s first and tenth Super Bowl appearances, which occurred twenty years apart, opens the discussion. The images appear to show a distinct difference.

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Tom Brady’s Face Analyzed By Dr. Gary Linkov

A New York City-based plastic surgeon named Dr. Gary Linkov examined Brady’s face throughout time and provided some intriguing observations into how it has altered. Dr. Linkov refuted the assertions that Brady had buccal fat removed in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

Front Office Sports Tweet a photo related to Tom’s appearance. You can see the Tweet below

He clarified that the Football player purportedly experienced lateral and middle cheek fat loss, which is a natural aspect of aging. Buccal fat is very deep, unlike the lateral and middle cheek fat, and when it is eliminated, it results in a different appearance from what can be seen on Brady.

Brady’s hair was also brought up by Dr. Linkov, who commented that the hairline appeared natural and that it was impossible to discern whether Brady had received a transplant. He did, however, mention that the well-known footballer probably had Botox in 2022 to make his face look smoother.

Brady Lifestyle And Health Practices Have Previously Generated Controversy.

Back in 2017, when Brady was playing for the New England Patriots, his body-care regimens caused a little bit of controversy. Brady’s personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, wasn’t a member of the Patriot’s staff back then, but he was present.

Bill Belichick, the Patriots head coach at the time (2017), pledged to lessen Guerrero’s influence on the team, which strained his friendship with Brady.

Brady was paying more attention to his personal trainer’s recommendations than the thoughts of the team’s doctors, and Belichick was not pleased with Guerrero’s influence on him. Belichick attempted to set clear boundaries around Guerrero’s influence within the Patriots, but his franchise quarterback ultimately struggled as a result.

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