Toni Kukoc Net Worth: How Many All Star Games Did He Make?

Find out more about the former Croatian basketball player Toni Kuko’s earnings, career stats, awards, and sponsorships here. Former NBA player Toni Kuko rose to prominence during his time with the Chicago Bulls. Learn more about Kuko’s background story, professional history, financial status, etc.


Toni Kukoc Net Worth

As of the year 2023, Kuko is said to have amassed $30 million in wealth. The majority of his wealth comes from his income and sponsorship deals. In addition, Kuko made millions more through endorsements and other sources in addition to his estimated $62 million ($94 million after inflation adjustment) in salary during his NBA career, as reported by hoops hype.

Notably, Kuko made $2 million ($2.66 million after inflation adjustment) in 2005–06, his final season in the NBA with the Milwaukee Bucks. Read More About This Patrick Mahomes Net Worth.

He Joined the Team in 1993 Following Michael Jordan’s Retirement

The Chicago Bulls took center Toni Kukoc in the second round of the 1990 NBA Draft. After Michael Jordan retired in 1993, he joined the team, and the following year, Jordan came out of retirement to play in the NBA again. Kukoc also won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year that year.

Kukoc has won three NBA titles, all while playing with the Chicago Bulls between 1996 and 1998. Beginning his NBA career with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2000, he also played for the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks. Kukoc retired in 2006 after saying he would only sign with the Bulls or Bucks if given the chance. Neither team seemed interested in signing him. You Can See This Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth.

Toni Kukoc Contracts & Career Earnings

Toni Kukoc signed a $17.6 million contract with the Chicago Bulls for eight years in July of 1993. In contrast, the next year, the early termination option was used, rendering the remaining seasons null and void. A six-year, $24.45 million contract was then signed between the team and him.

Toni Kukoc Net Worth
Kukoc signed a $42 million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers in the year 2000. During the 2003–2004 season, he made $9 million, which was his highest salary. Toni Kukoc made $61.5 million in compensation over his 13-year NBA career. Read More About This Tommy Lee Net Worth

The Chicago Bulls Will Be Hosting The 38-4 Golden State Warriors

The Chicago Bulls play the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. The Warriors are currently 38-4 and have been likened to Michael Jordan’s 72-10 Bulls squad from 1995-96. According to Nick Friedell of, some members of the Bulls squad are commenting on the Warriors as they try to break the record for the best single-season record in NBA history.

Toni Kukoc, the backup small forward for Scottie Pippen, was sure his side would come out on top if they faced off against the other great squad. Out of, I don’t know, 15 players, definitely 16 would say that we would beat them, Kukoc stated. Still, Kukoc spoke highly of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, who he believes is the league’s most exciting player right now. If You Want to Read More You Can See This Ryan Upchurch Net Worth.

There are others who consider him the league’s top player, he remarked. “One may debate whether or not he is the best player, but there is no doubt that he is the top scorer, shooter, and ball-handler. Observing him is a delight.” Bill Wennington, a former backup center for the Bulls and current color commentator, has been impressed by the Warriors’ play this season. You Can Go To To Get The Latest News.

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