Objects Tell Stories in Unpacking Game and, Arriving on Ps4 and Ps5 May 10!

ello! When I was working on Unpacking, a game about unpacking someone’s things and learning about their life, I was one of the developers. While it’s true that many people have described the game as “personal,” the term “personal” has a variety of meanings.

As you progress through the game, you’ll discover more and more about our protagonist thanks to the items you collect for her. In many cases, you’ll come across items that bring back memories of your own life or those of your friends and family. This game was made by developers who drew on their own experiences and found ways to add small details where they could, so the items are very personal to us.

Alarm Clock

You won’t be able to use this alarm clock until you find a place for it, at which point it will start flashing “12:00”. Using the clock, you can set the time, which is the stage time—you’ll see the time change as you unpack the remaining boxes as the lighting changes outside your window.

As soon as you set it down again after moving it a few times, the clock’s display goes blank and then blinks “12:00.” To avoid losing time during brief power outages, alarm clocks of this type typically have an internal battery backup, but I once had one of these and completely forgot to charge it. As a result, it worked exactly like the one in the video game. Realism!

Dragon Plush Toy

We were seventeen years old when we decided to create our own webcomic about some forest-dwelling dragons. Five years and two thousand comic strips later it was shut down. In spite of its lack of popularity, the characters in Unpacking remain close to my heart, so I was delighted to see one of them make a cameo appearance in plush form!

Colour Pencils

They arrPost

Unpacking Game
Unpacking Game

ive with other art supplies, books, and evidence of our protagonist’s growing interest in the visual arts, but for some reason, these colour pencils bring back memories of a similar set that I received as a child.

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I received them, but I do remember that they were my prized possession and were labelled “professional artist pencils” or something of the sort. I’d made it to the big time!

Climbing Shoes and Chalk Bag

When I first tried bouldering with the help of a friend, I had a great time and learned a lot until I got hurt! Unpacking’s protagonist picked up climbing as a hobby while in school, and the chalk bag and shoes that went along with it made for some interesting props.

Because they’re instantly recognisable to those who already know what they are, but remain a mystery to the rest of us, they’re a particularly useful tool.

Desktop Computer with CRT Monitor

Unpacking begins in 1997 and progresses forward in time, allowing you to experience wonderful moments like this 2004 level complete with a period-appropriate computer.

You don’t have to be a retro game fan to enjoy this trip back in time, where people still used cathode ray monitors and bought and used cool mouse mats.

The sound of PC fans spinning up and the joy of receiving an instant message from your friends is something you’ll never forget.Just a few of the items that have special meaning for me. Nevertheless, I’m only a member of the group, and I think we all managed to bring something unique to the table in the game we created together.

We aimed for an authentic experience because we believed it would be the most effective means of engrossing you in the tale we were trying to tell.

We hope you’ll enjoy discovering the many connections and details in our game when it launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on May 10.

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