Valerie Bertinelli Divorce: How She Is Managing Her Life After Separation With Husband

Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale have officially settled their divorce. They finalized their divorce and filed a proposed judgment on Tuesday. Both parties and their lawyers have signed the 12-page document. In this post, we gonna talk about her divorce and how she is doing after her divorce.

The Food Network star will pay her ex-husband $2.2 million “in full, final, and complete settlement and satisfaction of any and all claims between them,” according to the documents. Bertinelli and Vitale will not receive spousal support, as “set forth in the Prenuptial Agreement,” according to the documents.

Bertinelli celebrated her divorce on Tuesday by posting a candid video of herself at the airport on her way to see her son, 31-year-old musician Wolfgang Van Halen. “My attorney just called. All of the paperwork has been signed. They’re almost ready to be filed, “she said.

Bertinelli added: “I officially f——— divorced on 11/22/22. Divorced with joy. Finally. It’s finally finished.”

“Yes!” she exclaimed at the end of the video. Bertinelli also scribbled “happily divorced” over her footage. You can see the Twitter video below.

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When Did The Couple File For Divorce?

Six months after filing for legal separation in November 2021, the Hot in Cleveland star filed for divorce in May. According to documents obtained by PEOPLE at the time, the proceedings were settled by a private judge, Hank Goldberg. This includes the spousal support and attorney fees issue, as well as the bifurcated Premarital Agreement Validity proceeding. Bertinelli and Vitale did not appear in court.

Following his divorce from Vitale, the Golden Globe winner requested spousal support in June, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE from the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Vitale also sought to prevent Bertinelli from requesting spousal support, as well as to challenge the validity of their prenuptial agreement, according to the documents.

Her Request To Separate Her Marital Status From Financial Issues

According to court records obtained by PEOPLE, Bertinelli responded to her ex’s challenge of their premarital agreement in July by filing a 13-page request to separate her marital status from financial issues in her and Tom Vitale’s divorce. Bertinelli requested “an early and separate trial on the issue of the validity of the Premarital Agreement,” according to court documents.

Bertinelli’s request ultimately meant a separate trial from any other outstanding divorce issues — a move she made after Vitale requested $50,000 per month in spousal support and $200,000 in legal fees in early July, according to court records.

Bertinelli’s request argued that their premarital agreement, which they signed in 2010 before marrying, contains a “waiver of temporary and permanent spousal support.”

This Is Referred To As Moving On

Bertinelli also recently participated in the popular TikTok meme “Pass, Pass, Pass, Smash” in a video she posted to Instagram on Friday. She was seen smiling next to the words “Healing after living through hell” on the screen. She swatted away the words “Fear,” “Self-doubt,” and “Shame” with her hands as a voiceover said, “Pass, Pass, Pass.”

The words “Truly loving myself for the first time at the age of 62” appeared at the end of the video, she pointed to it, and the voiceover said, “Smashing.” “Smash!!!” she wrote alongside a smiley face with its tongue sticking out in the caption.

Valerie Bertinelli Divorce
Valerie Bertinelli Divorce

A few days later, the actress posted a video of herself walking down a sidewalk, noting that she was wearing pants that an unnamed person mocked her for wearing.

“I had a small hidden bruise that triggered today,” Bertinelli explained. “You can probably hear them because my pants are rubbing together and making this particular sound,” she explained, referring to the slight noise.

The actress explained that she stopped wearing the pants after being “mercilessly mocked” by an unidentified individual who told her she was “too lazy” to lose weight so that the pants “wouldn’t rub together.” “Anyway, it’s irrelevant now because it was in the past,” Bertinelli explained.

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“Hidden bruises are something that emotional, verbal, and mental abuse does to you that people can’t see, but we have to deal with every day when they’re activated,” she continued. “I’m so glad the healing work I’m doing is helping. So it’s making me laugh right now.”

Bertinelli previously stated that she had “put the pants away forever,” adding, “I even changed the way I walk in them.” “Now I can wear them and hear that sound, and to me, that’s the sound of freedom.”

The author of “Enough Already” admitted that she was hesitant to post the video because she knew some of her followers would tell her to “let it go” and “move on.” “This is known as progress,” Bertinelli explained.

“This is known as healing. And to everyone who can relate to this and feels seen: welcome. I’m just another member of your clan “She came to a conclusion.

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