Roger Johnson, Running Unopposed, Installed as Boone County Prosecutor Five Months Early

Johnson will face no challengers. That laid the groundwork for Jacobs to formally enlist Johnson in the service of the United States Army. By creating a temporary, full-time prosecutor post to last the duration of Dan Knight’s

Prosecutor Johnson will resume his regular term on January 1 after nearly six months in the position. Nick Komoroski, the interim prosecuting attorney, stepped down to make room for Johnson’s appointment.

First Assistant Prosecutor Komoroski is still employed by the prosecutor’s office. Dan Knight’s recollections of the Elledge trial are featured in an Investigation Discovery special.

Komoroski did a wonderful job under extremely challenging circumstances, and I want to praise him for that,” Johnson added. “Finally, I wanted to thank you. I am awed by the outpouring of support I’ve received

Previously, Johnson worked as an assistant prosecutor in Boone County for 12 years, including two years as the first assistant prosecutor.

Previously, he served as an assistant attorney general in Missouri. We have a lot of work to do, but I am certain that we have a solid team behind us, including those who have the best of intentions, he said

He added that the prosecutor’s office has had to deal with significant issues in the last few years, including an increase in the county’s homicide rate. A long-time employee of the prosecutor’s office and a resident of the town