Digimon Survive Release Date and Digital Pre-orders Explained

There have been significant delays to the game’s development since it was first revealed in 2018. Digimon Survive is finally

The UK and North American release dates for Digimon Survive have been set for Friday, July 29th. Some places will receive access

Digimon Survive is expected to be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. It’s worth noting that none of these retailers

Digital copies of Digimon Survive can be pre-ordered through the game’s official website or one of its retail partners. It appears that digital pre-orders

Digital pre-orders for Digimon Survive will include Gilman and HP support equipment in addition to the game’s physical pre-orders, which are already open.

Pre-order bonuses will be available even if you can’t find Digimon Survive digitally on the platforms of your choice before its release.

When it comes to 2022’s console and PC releases, the new Digimon game stands out from the pack. If you’re looking