People magazine’s annual list of the “100 Most Beautiful People” ranked her first that year. She was also the face of Gucc

Her birthday is February 22, and she has been modeling since the age of eight. She will be 45 years old in 2020, making her a Pisces

Barrymore spent 18 months in an institution for mental illness. She’d already attempted suicide once by the time she was fourteen

Drew’s childhood was more enjoyable than that of other celebrities, which backfired on her. Specifically, she was a frequent at Studio 54, a popular

Swimming, Pilates, yoga, dance, and jogging are a few of her favorite forms of exercise. They believe she runs five kilometers

John Blyth Barrymore, like his sister, was an actress. Also, Jessica Blyth Barrymore and Byth Dolores Barrymore are Drew’s other half-siblings

This actress was born into a family that had a lot of clout in the entertainment industry, which is surprising. Her father, the legendary

Our discussion will include the film she has appeared in, the men she has dated, and her adorable children. Let’s get started