Evo 2022: Schedule, Results, Games Lineup, Prize Pool, Where to Watch

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Evo was cancelled in 2020 and moved to online play in 2021. After a brief hiatus, it is back and ready to welcome FGC enthusiasts to its historic Las Vegas digs.

There will be nine fighting game tournaments at the event, which will feature a mix of new and familiar games. Fight game participants from all around the world will be in attendance, and the winner of each game will take home

Known simply as “Evo,” the Evolution Championship Series is a series of fighting video game tournaments that has been going on for more than a decade.

Each of the top eight finishers receives a monetary prize equal to the number of participants. In order to participate in the competition, each contender must pay a fee of US$10.

Since 2005, the world’s best players have attended Evo. There, they can show the world they are the finest at what they do.

Evo 2022 tournament result

Evo 2022 tournament schedule