This is what you’ll need to know if you want to go deeper into iOS 16’s hidden features, such as password-protected photo albums and readily available Wi-Fi passwords. Is iOS 16 Compatibility Guaranteed

Some will not be able to use it. And if you’re interested in learning more about iOS 16, we’ve got some new features you’ll appreciate and some Apple Maps improvements that will enhance your trip experience

To play mobile video games like Apple Arcade, Minecraft, and Call of Duty more comfortably, you may now use third-party controllers like the PS5 Sony DualSense and Xbox Core Controller on your iPhone and iPad

Start by pressing and holding the black pairing button on the Joy-Con for a few seconds, until the green lights begin to flash. Devices are in pairing mode if this is the case. The next step is to open your iPhone and pick the Joy-Con from the list under

Photos app’s Hidden album, it’s useless for concealing private photos and videos. This album can be made “invisible” by Apple, but anyone with access to your phone can make it accessible again and see everything

Your photo album may be cluttered with duplicates because you’ve saved or downloaded the same photo or movie many times. With iOS 16, removing duplicates has never been easier. If storage space is an issue, don’t worry

The new Duplicates album under Utilities under Photos > Albums shows you any photos or videos you’ve saved more than once, so you can delete them if you want. There are two options here: either eliminate any duplicates