How John Mackey Achieved a Net Worth of $85 Million

Whole Foods Market was founded by John Mackey, a businessman, and author. He’s a major player in the organic food market and a key opinion leader. Thanks to his entrepreneurial acumen, John Mackey

John Mackey entered this world on August 15, 1953, in Houston, Texas. He started his academic career at Trinity University before transferring to the University of Texas in Austin to study philosophy and religion

Mackey spent nearly six years in college but dropped out without graduating. Mackey worked for a vegetarian co-op during his college years. Mackey’s mother disapproved of his retail work and their relationship

On the other hand, Mackey and his father had a close bond, and the elder Mackey was an early investor in Whole Foods Market and a strong supporter of his son’s career

John Mackey was seeing a girl named Renee Lawson, whom he’d met in a vegetarian housing co-op they both called home during their time at university. In 1978, the couple decided to forgo higher education

They saved up $35,000 and borrowed $10,000 to launch their company. Since there were only a handful of mom-and-pop health food shops in Austin, they decided to open one. Mackey and Lawson

On the ground level was their health food store, and on the second floor was their health food restaurant. After their marriage ended, the former couple moved into the apartment on the third floor above thei