The Rotom Phone is Finally Getting a Second Camera

Upgrades to the Rotom Phone are coming soon. Updated smartphone-that-is-inhabited by a Pokemon is finally making the switch from one back camera to two after three years

Even though the second lens is black, I’m not sure what kind of camera it’s meant to supplement the primary blue lens. If this new lens is an ultrawide, a telephoto, or something else, I don’t think

Aside from that, the new Rotom Phone appears to be an incremental improvement over the previous model. Mysterious glowing blue rings are one of the new features. Is it possible that this is for wireless charging

There’s a wireless charging coil right next to the ring, so it makes sense. Even though I don’t recall ever needing to charge the Rotom Phone while in Galar, it’s nice to know that I’ll have that choice if I ever visit one of Paldea’s trainer

Rotom Phone’s huge points on the top and bottom have remained. In Paldea, backpacks are all the rage, so I guess I’ll have to pick one up to keep my phone safe from the prying eyes of the locals. (Maybe we’ll get a Rotom

You won’t be able to keep in touch with your friends when traveling across Paldea if 5G is supported. However, I sincerely hope that the race to 5G doesn’t spread to Paldea, as it has elsewhere.

A press release from the Rotom Phone manufacturer confirms the return of the Pokédex and a map to the gadget. However, we’ll have to wait until November 18th to discover what else the Rotom Phone has to offer