Welcome To Eden Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Full Story Explained!

As the second episode of Welcome to Eden concluded, Astrid was attempting to indoctrinate Zoa to despise her mother. In the meantime, Gabi did not believe “Zoa’s” message and grew increasingly anxious. Welcome to Eden or Bienvenidos, an Edén is a thriller series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez. Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and four others, Aldo (Albert Baró), Africa (Belinda Peregrn), Charly (Tomás Aguirre), and Ibón, are invited to an exclusive party on the hidden island of Eden. So Let’s talk about Welcome To Eden Season 1 Episode 3 Recap.


Welcome To Eden Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Ulises broke the good news to the five of them (Zoa, Aldo, Africa, Charly, and Ibón) the next morning. The weather has improved, and the boat that will take them home will arrive by noon the following day. Everyone is excited, but Aldo requested a means of communication in order to reschedule some meetings. Ulises stated that there is no signal on the island, prompting Aldo to inquire as to how they learned of the approaching boat. Ulises responded by saying that they have other ways of communicating.

In reality, Aldo did not believe that the people of Eden would let them leave the island. He attempted to flee and even confronted Ibón for not standing up to the people of Eden. However, Ibón became enraged when Aldo referred to him as “Chopin,” and the two had a minor spat.

One More Day

Nico took Zoa diving that morning. They had fun and bonded afterward. Nico told Zoa the island speaks to him and Gabi would be fine without her. After lunch, Eden residents had another “evaluation” with Aldo’s housemate Bel. Bel said she was fired for tweeting about her company’s production of harmful gases despite having talked to them. Astrid used this to remind everyone that the outside world will destroy the planet without caring about Eden’s people.

After what seemed like another session of reinforcing hate toward the outside world, Astrid announced a farewell party at sundown for the five of them leaving the next day. Zoa, África, Charly, and Ibón enjoyed choosing their nighttime outfits, but Aldo was unimpressed. Let’s check out When Does 1923 Return: How Many Episodes Will 1923 Have?


Gabi was concerned about Zoa and attempted to contact her mother in Barcelona. Her mother eventually came over to stay with Gabi for two weeks and informed her that she had reported Zoa’s disappearance to the police. However, she and the police believed Zoa would return because it had happened before and Zoa had returned. Gabi’s mother then took some money from Zoa’s room and went out to drink.

Party Begins

Alma asked Ibón to play the piano to start the farewell party. Astrid and Erick came over and told him they wanted to hear him play, even though he told her he couldn’t. Ibón finally played a beautiful piece after Alma encouraged him. Alma kissed him after he finished playing, and the crowd applauded. Ibón and Alma strolled the beach at night. He directly asked her if she wanted to kiss him or if Eden wanted her to. Alma kissed Ibón again and told him not to leave Eden.

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Charly flirted with Mayka, the blue-haired DJ, on the dancefloor. Mayka runs IT and drones. Mayka rejected Charly after flirting. An angry Charly drank two bottles of Blue Eden and hallucinated. He saw Claudia again and tried to discuss her crying. Claudia, visibly upset, told Charly that he will die on the island. Charly, high and hallucinating, couldn’t understand her.

África And Zoa

Astrid and África chatted elsewhere at the party. She told África that her followers don’t love her and would have unfollowed her during the few days she was missing. Astrid told the pop star that she is protecting Eden’s people from the real world. Astrid then introduced África to Erick again at their home. Erick showed África the guest room. África heard about his chauffeur-like upbringing. África also said she has no family back home. Erick then reminded África that family doesn’t have to be blood.

Welcome To Eden Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
Welcome To Eden Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Bel introduced herself to Zoa at the party and wanted to talk privately, but Nico interrupted with two bottles of Blue Eden. Nico pressured Zoa to drink Blue Eden despite Bel’s advice. Nico told Zoa to stay with him all night, and they made out on the beach at sunrise. You may also like to know How Many Episodes In Mandalorian Season 3 are And What Is Its Story About?


Aldo was proactive and found a small boat on the island during the party. Aldo wanted to sneak the five of them into the boat and follow it while the men unloaded. He looked for his friends but saw Ibón kissing Alma and Charly repeating that he would die on the island. Aldo snuck into the boat alone and fell asleep while waiting to leave the island. Boat engines woke him up in the morning. He saw Eden member Brenda waiting for him on the deck. Brenda killed Aldo by puncturing his head with a device.

Conclusion: Aldo’s paranoia grows as the group prepares to leave the island in Welcome to Eden’s third episode. Gabi worries as she tries to reach Zoa’s mother and receives unexpected visitors. At the farewell party, relationships form and Charly’s hallucinations darken. Aldo’s plan to escape the island ends in tragedy, shocking the episode. What happens next? Watch Welcome to Eden.

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