What Happens To Kim Wexler In Season 6 And Will She Return?

What happens to Rhea Seehorn’s character after Kim Wexler leaves Better Call Saul? Better Call Saul, a prequel to Breaking Bad, has explored Saul Goodman’s life, from sibling issues to raging Lalos. Kim Wexler, a friend, and colleague who becomes a lover and partner in crime is Better Call Saul’s biggest addition to Jimmy McGill’s backstory. Jimmy and Kim’s relationship becomes almost unbreakable over Better Call Saul’s six seasons, even though Kim Wexler is never seen or mentioned in Breaking Bad.

Season 6, Episode 9 (“Fun & Games”) of Better Call Saul finally explains why Kim disappeared after years of avoiding the topic. Lalo Salamanca’s apartment murder of Howard Hamlin prompted Kim’s Better Call Saul’s departure. By the episode’s end, Kim has left her husband and Jimmy. So let’s find out What Happens To Kim Wexler In Season 6.


What Happens To Kim Wexler In Season 6: Kim Leaves Law

Kim Wexler’s Better Call Saul exit becomes inevitable when she abruptly quits her dream job as a lawyer mid-hearing. Kim worked her way up from HHM’s mail room after studying for and passing the bar. Kim would have become a star lawyer and partner at a firm of her choice if she had kept going. Kim loved practicing law more than anything (maybe even Jimmy), so her sudden resignation in Better Call Saul’s “Fun & Games” is shocking.

Kim started treating her legal heroics as a moral makeweight toward the end of Better Call Saul season 5. Kim convinced herself that defending poor clients who couldn’t afford legal representation would atone for scamming Howard Hamlin, cheating the criminal justice system, and associating with cartel criminals. Howard Hamlin’s death breaks that mental facade. “Fun & Games” shows Kim defending another grateful client, but she doesn’t feel proud. Kim’s plotting with Jimmy unintentionally killed a friend. Kim abruptly resigned because no amount of pro bono work could absolve her guilt. Let’s also read What Happened in The Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2?

The Reasons Behind Kim And Jimmy’s Breakup

After freeing herself from her legal responsibilities in Better Call Saul, Kim makes the decision to end her relationship with Jimmy McGill, pack her belongings, and begin the divorce process. She is unable to maintain their relationship in the same manner as before, and the reasons she has chosen to end things are strikingly similar to those that led her to leave her job as a lawyer. The loss of Howard Hamlin has impacted her life in too many negative ways to be ignored.

What Happens To Kim Wexler In Season 6
What Happens To Kim Wexler In Season 6

In addition, Kim has the epiphany that the two of them together have become poison to their relationship. Even though Kim was able to successfully suppress her desire to engage in illegal activities and instead pursue a career as a legitimate lawyer, the presence of Jimmy reignites that spark. She finds pleasure in breaking the law, and Jimmy’s involvement in criminal activity never would have progressed to the level it did if it weren’t for her influence. Even though Jimmy is partly to blame, Kim is the one who drives him to fall much further than he would have on his own. As a result, the couple’s issues are not surface-level, and they cannot be resolved simply by ignoring the fact that Howard was murdered.

Will Kim Return In Call Saul Season 6?

Kim survives Better Call Saul’s prequel timeline. She dumps Jimmy McGill and leaves Albuquerque without incident. A return is suspiciously possible. Better Call Saul season 6’s time-skip suggests Kim and Jimmy remain apart from “Fun & Games” to the lawyer’s hasty escape in Breaking Bad season 5’s “Granite State.” In Better Call Saul’s black-and-white flashforwards, Jimmy becomes “Gene Takovic” and works at a Cinnabon without contacting Kim.

Below we have given a Tweet about how Rhea Seehorn didn’t win any awards for her performance as Kim Wexler.

Since Kim Wexler survived Better Call Saul’s prequel timeline, her return in season 6’s Gene narrative seems likely. After discovering his true identity, Gene bravely resolved to solve the problem himself. Jimmy may find Kim to reconcile with his longtime love after giving up crime and Cinnabon. Both may have grown past Better Call Saul season 6’s toxicity. After his Walter Walt experience, Jimmy’s slippin’ antics are over, and Kim’s time away may have helped her realize Jimmy McGill will always be her guy.

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