Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado Primary as Other House Incumbents Face Off

WISCONSIN (Associated Press) — One of the most divisive lawmakers, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, handily defeated a more moderate Republican opponent in Tuesday’s primary election.

The 3rd Congressional District in western Colorado, where Boebert, a first-term firebrand, serves, became even more Republican after redistricting. She encountered minimal opposition from the moderate state representative Don Coram, a rancher and hemp grower who condemns what he terms Boebert’s extremism.

Coram had claimed that the incumbent’s loyalty to Trump had caused her to put the needs of her vast agricultural territory second to her desire for conservative social media fame. Robert has been very vocal about his distaste for the “Biden administration” and “socialist” Democrats. She also makes much of the fact that her “Shooters” restaurant was temporarily closed due to her resistance to the COVID-19 regulations and the right to bear arms.

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Coram’s cooperation with legislative Democrats was a target of Boebert’s criticism. Her rival was wagering that voters turned off by Boebert’s provocations would back a candidate more to the center, like five-term Republican Rep. Scott Tipton, who was defeated by Boebert in an upset last election. It just didn’t hit home.

Also on Tuesday, state representative Dave Williams is challenging eight-term Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. Williams was unable to have the coded obscenity “Let’s Go Brandon” added to his ballot name to insult Biden.

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Lamborn, who is currently the subject of a House ethics inquiry into allegations that he used official resources for personal gain, has already weathered major storms as an outspoken opponent of abortion and supporter of the large U.S. military presence in Colorado Springs. Williams initiated and led a 24-hour filibuster in the state legislature earlier this year to prevent the passage of a measure that would have made abortion completely legal in all circumstances. Ultimately, the bill was signed into law.

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