Who Kills Malcolm In You Season 4?: Did Joe Kill Malcolm?

Now is the time to act. Finally, you’re back, and this time you’ve brought more bloodshed with you. Although Joe Goldberg is not to blame in this case. When will Joe discover who killed the rich in Eat the Rich? What we know about their background is detailed here.


Who kills Malcolm in You season 4?

Part 1 of Eat the Rich focuses on the Eat the Rich killer’s gradual elimination of Joe’s wealthy friends and acquaintances. Both Simon and Gemma perish following Malcolm’s demise. Joe commits some murders himself. Joe kills Adam’s bodyguard Vic because Vic fears that Joe is plotting Adam’s death.

In the fifth episode, Joe and some of his wealthy pals visit Lady Phoebe’s country manor. But while they’re there, they begin to believe that Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer, leading Roald to chase him into the woods. Joe knocks out Roald, but then Rhys Montrose shows up and knocks him out, too.


Joe and a still-unconscious Roald are locked in a subterranean area of Lady Phoebe’s manor, where Rhys explains that he is the killer and that Joe’s prior crimes inspired him. After that, he orders Joe to kill Roald and assist him to frame him for everyone’s deaths.

When Rhys realizes that Joe won’t kill Roald, he reveals that his original plan was to frame Joe for Malcolm’s murder. For some reason, Joe didn’t think they could work together until after he had disposed of the body and begun investigating him.

Due to Joe’s resistance, Malcolm decides to set fire to the room where he has Roald and Joe tied up. He hopes that if Joe makes it through this ordeal, they can try to reunite and work together again. Joe gets away and saves Roald, but the mansion itself is destroyed in the fire.

The first act closes with Joe returning to London and learning via the news that Rhys has declared his campaign for London mayor. To find out if Joe succeeds in stopping Rhys and exposing him, or if he ends up working with him, you’ll have to wait for part 2. You Can Read Also About This Picard Season 3.

Does Anyone Killed In You Season 4?

Simon, Gemma, and Vic are the other people murdered in You Season 4, albeit Joe only kills one of them.

The second victim of the Eat The Rich Killer, Simon Soo is the son of a Chinese computer mogul and a budding artist. The second episode of season 4 features the grisly murder of Simon, who, like Malcolm, is found with a knife in his chest and whose ear has been hacked off in a crude tribute to Vincent Van Gogh.

Joe, despite his best efforts to avoid involvement, finds himself drawn into the events surrounding Simon’s funeral and, ultimately, leads to the death of a character named Vic. Last but not least, Kate’s Oxford friend group member Gemma is murdered by Rhys in Part 1. Kate is found dead after a night of revelry at Lady Phoebe’s mansion, Hampsbridge House. You Can Read About This Diablo 3 Season 28.

Did Joe Kill Malcolm?

In reality, Malcolm was killed by Rhys Montrose, but the media made it seem like Joe did it. Even though Joe spends much of his time in You killing other people, he eventually decides to put his investigative skills to use and spends the following few episodes trying to track down the perpetrator behind the series’ increasingly grisly killing spree.

Who Kills Malcolm In You Season 4?

In episode 5, Rhys Montrose is unmasked as the serial killer as he humiliates Joe and puts him in the dungeon of Phoebe’s Hampsbridge House mansion. You Can Read Also About Fauda Season 5 Release Date.

What Rhys says is true This not only proves that he is the Eat the Rich Killer, but also that he is familiar with Joe’s criminal history.

Rhys suggests they work together and says they eliminate the wealthy elite one by one using their combined homicidal skills. But Joe doesn’t want to be anyone’s puppet, so he and Rhys’ season will have a fierce rivalry when the second half of the year rolls around in March. You can go to Dailyrealtime.com for more recent information.

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