Who Michael Rapaport Wife Is? He Has A Wife And Two Kids!

Who Michael Rapaport Wife Is? He Has A Wife And Two Kids! The actor and comedian Michael Rapaport has made quite a name for himself. He is a performer who can succeed in action films like The Heat and dramas like The 6th Day. Michael’s first film, 1990’s True Romance, marked the beginning of his career, but his stand-up humor brought him the most attention and success.

Michael prefers to keep his personal life and relationships behind the radar. He has settled down and started a family. Michael and his family currently reside in the Big Apple. Everything you ever wanted to know about Michael Rapaport’s personal life, from his marriage to his exes, is here.


Who Michael Rapaport Wife is?

Kabe Dunn, an actress, and Michael Rapaport have been married since 2016. His famous hubby has starred in numerous films. Still, his equally renowned wife has only participated in a handful, including Love for Rent, Tournament of Laughs, and In Session with Jonathan Pessin. However, Kebe’s friendship with Michael was the focus of most observers’ attention. Michael Rapaport has married Kebe Dunn for about 30 years after dating her nearly 30 years ago. Aslo, read- Zach Mettenberger Wife? Is He Still Married?

In interviews and on social media, be is notoriously guarded about discussing her private life. Her romance with Michael, though, is not a very difficult secret to decipher. Although married in 2016, it’s surprising and sweet to learn that Michael Rapaport and Kebe Dunn initially met in the late ’90s.

They crossed paths while Michael was shooting his 1995 film, Higher Learning. However, when and where they initially met is unknown. Reports also surfaced claiming the two began dating shortly after that in private. After Michael divorced Nichole Beattie, his wife of seven years, they began dating again. But who could have guessed that his ex-girlfriend of nearly 30 years would be his undoing? Indeed, no one would.


Their 90s romance was captured briefly on Michael’s Instagram. The Breaking Bad star shared a photo of himself and Kebe dressed similarly, and the two have the potential to revive 90s fashion.

The party hasn’t ended yet! 95 Having a blast in real-time. Too many pairs of GAP denim. This is right after shooting Higher Learning, I was still attempting to grow my hair back & during making Kiss of Death,” Michael penned the caption. In the snapshot, they appeared to be two teenagers in love.

Who Michael Rapaport's Wife is

Nichole Beattie, Wife For The Past Seven Years!

Michael Rapaport’s history of partnerships includes more than a few rocky patches. He was previously married to the well-known American writer and producer Nichole Beattie before he wed Kebe Dunn. Her accomplishments on shows like Law & Order: Organized Crime and The Walking Dead speak for themselves. Michael and Nichole were together for a long time, and their two children now live with Michael and Kebe.

But other than that, they want their marriage to be as quiet as possible; there’s not much we can learn about it. The media only reported the date of Michael and Nichole’s ceremony since it was held in a location inaccessible to the paparazzi. The couple tied the knot in 2000, and despite having a relatively trouble-free marriage, it ultimately ended seven years later. In 2004, Nichole filed for divorce, which was formalized the following year, in 2007.

Who Michael Rapaport's Wife is

Latest NewsMichael Rapaport and Lili Taylor’s relationship.

Michael dated Six Feet Under actress Lili Taylor before he wed Nichole Beattie. Although the couple was together for about a year, the ensuing scandals are still discussed today.
The circumstances under which their love ended were tragic. When Lili Taylor testified against Michael Rapaport for harassment, the two had to part ways in court.

Who Michael Rapaport's Wife is

A year after Lili’s report to the police, Michael pled guilty in a New York courtroom. Lili stated that following their breakup, Michael often called her and even showed up at her apartment in the middle of the night, pounding on her window.

The implication is that Michael wanted to give their relationship another go, but Lili was unwilling to try it with him. There is no known reason they broke up, but Michael’s subsequent behavior towards her destroyed his reputation and ultimately cost him his life. Thanks are to God, it changed him for the better, and he owns up to his wrongdoing.

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 Final Line-So, Michael’s marriage has been discussed extensively. We will update this post accordingly if any additional information becomes available. If you want to know more, head on over to dailyrealtime.com

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