Who Won The Masked Singer 2023? Celebrating Talent And Secrecy

“The Masked Singer” is an electrifying and hugely popular reality television competition that has taken over the entertainment world. This captivating show, which combines elements of mystery, music, and dazzling costumes, invites various celebrities to compete anonymously. These talented performers take the stage, their identities hidden behind elaborate masks and costumes, belting out popular songs and leaving audiences in awe. Every week, a panel of celebrity judges and viewers at home attempt to guess the singers’ true identities.

As the competition progresses, the suspense builds, with jaw-dropping reveals that have the potential to shock and surprise everyone. “The Masked Singer” has become a global phenomenon, enthralling audiences with its unique combination of talent, secrecy, and thrilling spectacle. It’s a true celebration of music, entertainment, and the thrill of discovering beloved celebrities’ hidden talents. Let’s check out Who Won The Masked Singer 2023?


Who Won The Masked Singer 2023?

After the ninth US season of The Masked Singer, Medusa was crowned the winner. During the final episode of the season, the panel attempted to guess which celebrity was hiding beneath Medusa’s disguise. Only Nicole Scherzinger was correct, having guessed that Medusa was actually Bishop Briggs. Meanwhile, Macaw was revealed to be former American Idol contestant David Archuleta. Bishop Briggs is a London-based British-American musician. Her popular songs include Wild Horses, River, and The Way I Do.

The Masked Singer Posted a clip of their show announcing Medusa as the winner on Twitter. You can see the Tweet below.


Although Briggs was named the winner of the season, she was not always confident in her position in the competition. After Nicole rescued her with the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell, she realized how badly she wanted to win. She told the media.

“You know, I’m not competitive with others, but I’m very competitive with myself. “And so I was really, really, really, really wanting to win. And when I had that moment with Nicole ringing the [Ding Dong Keep It On] bell, and I really saw my journey flash before my eyes, I felt so defeated and deflated. “You learn in those moments how much you really want something. “And because I was having time away from my son to be on the show, it made me even more determined and even more hungry, and just the thought of being able to show him the trophy made me so excited.”

In the following interview, Briggs discusses what it meant to her to win the show, why she was considered “a pest” on set, and her upcoming exciting EP and tour. The Next section of this post contains a list of some of the questions that she answered.

We Must Discuss Your Incredible Costume. Why Medusa?

She was grossly misunderstood, and I had to maintain a delicate balance on the show. I had given birth six months prior. As a new mother, I breastfed between performances. The notion that women can be so many different things at once is akin to Medusa. It meant so much to utilize Medusa’s strength when I needed it the most. Let’s check out Who Won Rupaul Season 15? What’s Next For The Franchise In 2023?

Who Won The Masked Singer 2023
Who Won The Masked Singer 2023

This Show Sounds Hard To Balance With Postpartum

I barely maintained equilibrium. Even though I was only away for a few hours, I wrote notes to my son and bombarded him and my husband with FaceTime calls. There is no such thing as balance, but it is possible to find a balance between doing what we love and being present as a parent. Finding these moments is crucial, yet it is rarely discussed. I’m still on the postpartum journey, and it’s incredible how much your mind and body evolve and change.

Is It Odd That Grief And Joy Of Having A Child Coexist?

Yes, and it’s so difficult. You cannot help but feel that the new life may have been a gift from the deceased loved one. The frequency with which you hear about these events occurring so close together causes me to wonder, as my son has been a tremendous source of support for me. Even while I was pregnant, I worked on my mental health to ensure that I would be a grounded mother who could talk about what had occurred.

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Summing-up: The mystery, music, and stunning performances of “The Masked Singer” have captivated audiences worldwide. It is a global phenomenon that keeps viewers guessing and anticipating each reveal. Celebrities can showcase their singing talents on the show while remaining anonymous. Each season brings more surprises and fiercer competition. “The Masked Singer” changed reality television and continues to thrill fans.

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