Will There Be The Darkest Minds 2 Movie? A Detailed Movie Update

Will there be a sequel to Darkest Minds? When will it be released? Whether or not The Darkest Minds 2 will be released, these are questions that have lingered since the film’s conclusion. If we recall the plot of the film Darkest Minds, a major epidemic in America resulted in the deaths of children. There were very few children and young people left. This group gradually gains special abilities, and the government keeps them under surveillance in a special camp.

Ruby Daly has more special abilities than the rest of the group and manages to flee the camp. Ruby Daly joins a gang of runaway teenagers. When the latecomers realize they can no longer continue their escape adventure, they begin to resist. The first Darkest Minds film series premiered in August 2018. So let’s check Will There Be The Darkest Minds 2 Movie? or not.


Will There Be The Darkest Minds 2 Movie

The first film was released in August 2018. Viewers who have already read the novel enjoy the film. Despite its thrilling plot, the film received a low rating. The film received a 5.7/10 on IMDb and a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. For the time being, the creators have made no announcements about the sequel’s development. However, we have high hopes for the sequel. There are more books in Bracken’s series. Any of them could be filmed by the filmmakers. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement about The Darkest Minds 2.

Darkest Minds 2 Expected Storyline

If production continues, what themes will be explored in the next installment of the film series? Prior to this, Jennifer Yuh Nelson stated unequivocally that there were no punches thrown in the first movie. The creators did the best they could with the resources they had. We believe that the story will advance further from where it was left off in the book. It’s possible that the story of the second book will be told in the sequel. Fans will likely learn more about the backstory of “Never Fade.” The Darkest Minds novel has been continued in this book, which is the second part.

Who Will Return And Who Not From The Cast?

It’s possible that The Darkest Minds 2 will tell the story of the second book in the novel’s book series. As a result, fans have been able to speculate about the possible return of all the lead faces.

Will There Be The Darkest Minds 2 Movie
Will There Be The Darkest Minds 2 Movie

Amandla Stenberg would play the role of Ruby Daly, Mandy Moore would play the role of Cate, Bradley Whitford would play the role of President Gray, Harris Dickinson would play the role of Liam Stewart, Patrick Gibson would play the role of Clancy Gray, Skylan Brooks would play the role of Chubs, and Mark O’Brien would play the role of Rob, along with a few other actors. You can also check out the cast member who will come back in The Love Again.

Why Does The Darkest Mind 2 Has A Low Chances Of Be Renewed?

The first movie, which came out in 2018 and was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (whom you might recognize as the director of some of the Kung Fu Panda movies), was produced by 21 Laps Entertainment in collaboration with TSG Entertainment. How did things turn out? Let’s take a look at the statistics, shall we?

  • Budget: $34 million.
  • The total gross from all territories combined was $41.1 million.

As can be seen, the movie only just managed to make enough money to cover its production costs. Because advertising expenses are never factored into the budget (and the exact amounts are never disclosed), it is safe to say that the film was a financial failure at the box office. Additionally, it may be important to point out that these costs are never known. You might be perplexed as to why a movie that was adapted from a series of books that were extremely popular did not do well in theaters. We’ll talk about this now, but despite what you might think, it’s actually a lot more common than you might realize.

While we are waiting for the Darkest Minds 2 The maker has joined Love Death and the robot directing team. You can see that in the Twet given below

In point of fact, the same thing occurred with an adaptation of one of the most well-known series written by Stephen King, another project that will never have a sequel; we discuss this topic in this post about the upcoming film version of The Dark Tower 2. As we are talking about the profit that the darkest mind made let’s check out The Super Mario Bros movie which is the highest profit-making video game-based movie.

Why Didn’t The Darkest Minds Got Hit?

The general consensus is that the film lacked personality. Both critics and audiences thought it was just a generic SciFi film attempting to replicate the successful formula of other films in the genre, such as those based on The Hunger Games books or The Maze Runner. In case you haven’t seen them yet: The film lost its soul during the process of scripting something similar to those movie adaptations. As a result, the film received a 15% rating on Rottentomatoes’ Tomatometer, and a Metacritic score of 39 out of 100.

Are you disappointed that The Darkest Minds 2 film will never be made? Leave a comment telling us if you liked the first film and if you’d like to see it remade someday. Will you read the books to find out what happens next? Tell us as well!

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