Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Announced! Here’s Everything To Know Plot, Cast, Release Date

Comedy has always been a draw for non-anime fans to watch anime. Even when taken out of context, these anime sequences are guaranteed to have you rolling on the floor laughing out loud in amusement. Is the year 2022 complete without at least one heart-pounding anime film?

If you want a good laugh, rejoice: a long-anticipated comedy manga will be animated and released this year. Ya Boy Kongming! will be getting an anime adaptation in the year 2021. The anime will premiere in the spring of 2022, according to the studio.

Manga fans in Japan have been eagerly awaiting the anime adaptation of the anime’s source material for a long time. At long last, we have the date for the release of Ya Boy Kongming right here! In light of recent improvements to its teasers and promotional video, anime fans are eagerly awaiting yet another entertaining and amusing series.

Based on the 2019 manga series by Kodansha, Ya Boy Kongming! Yuto Yotsuba penned the story, and Ryo Ogawa drew the illustrations. Originally published in Comic Days, the manga was then republished in Weekly Young Magazine. It has already produced seven volumes and is still going strong. Ya Boy Kongming! is a series that weaves together a slew of strange events and ends with a jarring twist. For those who enjoy comedy, you must not miss out on this one.

Ya Boy Kongmingrelease !’s date and promotional video have recently been revised. Everything you need to know about the upcoming anime can be found here.

Ya Boy Kongming Plot

Zhuge Liang Komei is the focus of Ya Boy Kongmingplot. !’s His military might be unparalleled in the Three Kingdoms. He was regarded as one of the best military strategists of his era because of his formidable military prowess and exploits. In the end, he is slain in Wuzhang Plain.

ya boy kongming
ya boy kongming

It is his dying dream to be born into a calm planet after seeing so much violence in his lifetime. He reincarnates in modern-day Tokyo, a city is known for its love of parties and the art of dancing. He meets Eiko Tsukimi, a young woman who dreams of becoming a singer, at a club where dance and music are popular. Singing and dancing fill the air as the bright tactician begins his existence.
Several anime fans found the story of Ya Boy Kongming! to be intriguing. This new comedy series appears to be well worth the wait, with so many intriguing story twists.

Ya Boy Kongming! Release Date

The anime version of Ya Boy Kongming! is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2021. Anime enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of the animated version of the manga. Ya Boy Kongming! will be released on April 5, 2022, according to the announcement made on January 15, 2022.
Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS NTV will air the anime in its entirety across the country. In terms of licensing, there has been no statement. Kibun Jjj, the anime closing theme, will be performed by Eiko Starring 96Neko, according to the most recent update.

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Ya Boy Kongming Official Trailer

Anime’s first trailer was updated on January 15, 2022; we now have our first glimpse at the animation. The cast and crew members of the anime are also shown in the trailer.


Ya Boy Kongming Cast

Many aspiring voice performers have been cast in the show. To portray Zhuge Kongming, Kaede Hondo will portray Eiko Tsumiki, Shya Chiba will portray Kabe-Taito, and Hibiku Yamamura, Nanami Kuon, and Kobayashi will be portrayed by Hibiku Yamamura and Jun Fukushima, respectively. Within the winter of 2022, we expect more cast members to be announced.

Ya Boy Kongming Staff

P.A. WORKS is producing the anime adaption of Ya Boy Kongming. The series’ animation is being directed by Osamu Honma, while the texts are being written by Yoko Yonaiyama. In collaboration with Avex Pictures Music, composer Genki Hikota is working on the score for the anime. The anime’s art directors are Yuta Fujii and Asami Eguchi, with Motonari Ichikawa overseeing the show’s color schemes.

In addition to a dedicated website, the show features a Facebook page and Twitter account. It has a website where you may check for updates.

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