Everything We Know About You Season 4

Before the start of season 3, Netflix renewed You for the fourth season. Here’s everything we know about the show, including news and updates.

Here’s everything we know about season 4 of You, including new information and news. Netflix renewed the show before the start of the third season, which shows how confident it is in the show. In the hit thriller show You, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a charming stalker and serial killer who would do anything for love, has a lot of romantic mishaps. In season 1, Joe had an unhealthy obsession with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). In season 2, he moved on to Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), who is also impulsive and willing to kill for “love,” as the season 2 finale showed.

In the third season of You, Joe and Love are living together and raising a child in the Californian suburb of Madre Linda. However, Joe is still looking for his next obsession, even though he is now married to Love. The season shows more things from his childhood that explain why he wants to protect someone. First, Joe meets their next-door neighbor, Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus), whose older, distant husband and a shared love of reading attract him. But at the beginning of the season, Love takes Natalie out of the picture. Joe realizes that Marianne Bellamy is his perfect match when he finds out that their pasts are similar (Tati Gabrielle)

Joe kills Love, leaves Henry with a loving family, and flees Madre Linda for Paris in search of Marianne at the end of You season 3. Here are all the details we know about the forthcoming fourth season of Netflix’s psychological thriller, You.


Your Season 4 Is Happening! Renewal Confirmed

Netflix officially announced You season 4 on January 2023, only days before the most recent season premiered on the streaming site. Considering that You is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, this is not a surprise. The second season of You has already racked up 457 million viewing hours in its first 28 days on Netflix, and its successor is showing no signs of slowing down.

You Cast Season 4
You Cast Season 4

You Season 4 Story: How Season 3’S Twist Ending Sets It Up

It’s a great way to close the third season and open up the possibility of new storylines for the fourth. Love is killed by aconite injection, and Joe leaves his DNA at the scene of the crime before setting fire to the house, leaving the villagers of Madre Linda with a juicy murder-suicide tale. Henry is left in the care of Dante (Ben Mehl) and his partner as Henry’s father goes hunting for Marianne. Joe heads to Paris at the end of You season 3 without his wife and son to stop him, and he does whatever it takes to find Marianne.

However, others who have been harmed by the Quinn-Goldbergs, such as Theo, Matthew, and Dottie, may still be seeking retribution, especially because Joe is not precisely in hiding even though he has fled abroad. Joe will probably have a hard time persuading Marienne to take him back once she discovers his lie, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that he can. Just in case there isn’t another woman along the way he thinks deserves his protection and fixation along the way. Joe has promised to return for Henry when he is ready, so perhaps he will do so as well.

You Season 4’S Confirmed Story Details

After You season 3 ended, Joe was sent to Europe in search of Marianne, and the show’s character descriptions and set photographs hint that Joe will spend some time in London’s high society for at least part of season 4. Malcolm, a wealthy London socialite, becomes Joe’s hazardous new friend, and Malcolm’s suspicious girlfriend Kate becomes a possible adversary. With Lady Phoebe, Joe may even discover a love for the second time. There is little doubt that Your season 4 will be just as full of secrets revealed and dark twists as the previous seasons.

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You Season 4’S New Confirmed Characters

Charlotte Ritchie, best known for her roles in Ghosts and Call the Midwife, has been cast as Kate. A major star and a character that provides the right counterpoint to Joe will make Kate a major player in You season 4. In You season 4, Lukas Gage will play Adam, the son of a wealthy businessman who wishes to defy the social norms of his privileged background. Gage is most recognized for his role as Dillon in HBO’s White Lotus.

You Season 4’S Returning Characters: Who Can Come Back?

Season 4 of You will include a new cast of characters, as well as returning cast members when it moves to Paris (or somewhere else). In You season 4, Tati Gabrielle will reprise her role as Joe’s love interest, Penn Badgley, as always. Marianne is back in action in You season 4, but with a fresh style and a greater desire to shake Joe off her tail, according to leaked set images. There are photos from You’s London set that show Marienne with long blonde braids and escaping from Joe in some of the most important situations.

Victoria Pedretti may appear in flashbacks or Joe’s imagination in You season 4’s tale, similar to the Beck and Candace Stone moments (Ambyr Childers). Further flashbacks of Joe as a child could mean that his biological mother is present as well. However, in addition to that,

Everything That’s Been Said About You Season 4

Joe will be brought to life in Season 4 by You creator Sera Gamble, who tells TV Guide that “new, dark dimensions of love” will be explored. she said, “Realistically [Joe] may [keep killing] till long after all of us are dead,” when asked about the duration of You’s reign of terror. But for the time being, she just wants to express her gratitude to the viewers who have stuck with the show and followed Joe Goldberg on his weird romantic odyssey.


Known for her roles in Call the Midwife and Ghosts, Charlotte Ritchie will play Kate. You season 4 is set to feature a large part for Kate, a character who serves as the perfect counterpoint to Joe in many ways. To summarize this article, you cast season 4 as the latest anime, and still loved by people. Although there is time for its next season to release soon. till then, read more about the latest article from our website dailyrealtime.com.

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