The Batman Clip Shows Robert Pattinson Fight Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, Fans Love Their ‘perfect Chemistry’

The Internet has been graced with brand new footage from the forthcoming DC flick The Batman. It features a battle between Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz).

Another preview for the upcoming DC and Warner Bros. superhero movie The Batcave has been uploaded to the web. Fans are already in love with the chemistry between Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) after only seeing a minute-long clip of what appears to be their first meeting.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and disseminated on social media by fan groups. Beginning in a room walled off with police tape, Catwoman (Selina Kyle) tries to crack open a safe. But Batman stops her from carrying out the heist, and the two engage in hand-to-hand combat until Batman eventually knocks her out.

The clip includes a fight scene, but Robert and Zoe’s chemistry made it a hit with fans. The following is a statement made by a devotee: “The chemistry between you two is superb. I’m very excited!” “Zoe and Rob have such fantastic chemistry,” read another.

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Even though Bruce Wayne and Batman have always had fantastic chemistry in the comics, many fans were disappointed that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Returns failed to capture the spirit of their relationship on screen. One viewer said of the clip, “This oozes Batman and Catwoman from the comics, more so than TDKR did.”

It was also noted that the action director did a great job of showcasing the characters’ unique fighting techniques through the clip’s combat choreography, which was praised by many. The fact that Batman and Catwoman had different combat tactics and physical capabilities was acknowledged, as one fan put it: “They genuinely accepted that truth.” Another comment on a YouTube video said, “Love the stunt choreography, it’s almost like a dance.”

Zoë Kravitz the Batman
Robert’s first appearance as Batman is in The Batman, which also features Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and Jeffrey Wright. The Matt Reeves film follows young Bruce as he takes up the Batman mantle and faces off against serial killer The Riddler.

The film’s look has been compared to the classic Batman: The Animated series of the early 1990s after a TV promo for the film aired during Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game. On March 4, moviegoers may see the new Batman film.

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